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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Guess who's back, back. Back again, 'gain. Konnie's back, back. Tell a friend, friend!

I thought that I would do another tag today! It's called the 15 Question Tag by AllthatGlitters21! Looks fun, and I hope others can join in and do their own responses!

1. What do you think you can do but can't?

I think I can uni-cycle. But every time I attempt it, I just cannot! That is my life goal I think :-)

2. What's a difficult word for you to pronouce?

I think saying African Spotted Eagle Owl really fast is hard to pronounce! 

3. What is a favourite TV show from your childhood?

That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Lizzie McGuire!!!! Anyone remember these?!

4. What are your virtues and vices?

I think I'm quite creative, but not sure really! I can sometimes get angry kinda quickly, but this is normally triggered by something, i.e if I have a migraine, my temper can be quite short. 

5. What's more important: love, fame, power, or money?


6. If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why?

This is tough! I would either Jurassic, because I would just love to be around dinasours, I absolutely adore them! Or, after watching Freak Show, 1950's, it seemed like a more simple period where people weren't judged as much as now. Also for most of it, 1950's were when spirits were high after WWII

7. If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why?

Primark definitely, just because they have such a huge range! The other would have to be Office/ Schuh just because I would of course need more shoes ;-)

8. Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day?

Probably doing course work and revision for my GCSE's.

9. Do you have reoccuring dreams? If so, explain?

I can't ever remember my dreams, so I don't know, pretty sure I haven't though!

10. What's your horoscope?

Aries - 16th April

11. What does your dream bed look like?


Maybe without the head carcass though!

12. What position do you sleep in?

I normally go for the one leg/foot out of the duvet, but as it's winter it's too cold to do that! So right now, I just sleep on my side, and end up waking up with the duvet cover on the floor and I've turned over, on my stomach with my hair all over the pillows. Basically, I look terrible in the mornings!

13. Who is your favourite vampire of all time?

Emmett Cullen! I just want to have Kellan Lutz, like how can someone be so attractive?!

You are welcome ladies! ;-)

14. What are you currently wearing on your feet?


15.Do you have neat handwriting? Show us!

I've been told I have, and I currently write all the cards from the family! It's greaaat!



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