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Friday, August 29, 2014

My Gorgeous Snowy Owl ~ Scooby

A year ago, my life changed. A year ago, we bought a 6 week old ball of great fluff, with one of the biggest beaks I had ever seen!

Who could deny that face, huh? She was gorgeous, and she completely entranced me in a spell that I have yet to come out of! As you can see from the picture, she hadn't yet grown any adult feathers, and was still covered in a soft plumage to help protect her. And let me tell you, with those little tufty feathers, she was the softest blanket EVER. I mean this...I could have easily just used her as a blanket and slept with her. Oh I wish I could have to have some great memories of her young to cherish. 

This 'little' lady has recently (I use recently lightly, we're talking the past month or so) turned one year old. She has become a delight to not just me, but to everyone she meets, my family are in love and she is a great addition to our little display team. 

Here is my little cherub now...

As you can see she has now got all her adult feathers, and as she is still young, she still has her barring. Although at the minute, she seems to be going through an intense moult that my mum is starting to really dislike!

Most Snowy Owls you see around are seen as well kept together little owls, well my little Scooby Doo, tries to be unique and so is often pulling this face to most people...awks.

Ahaha, well this is just a little something for my little one. Snowy Owls are wonderful creatures and so adoring, all you need is a little patience and lots of love to give. 

I will hopefully be able to keep you updated about her...hoping I can get her flying soon (tried to a little bit, but she's so stubborn and unwilling, she just wants it handed to her! Aha). She will be coming on many trips with us to weddings and shows, can't wait for people to see just how wonderful she is! 

Alright then, I guess this is the end...Goodbye my little lovelies, I'll see you soon! 👌👋

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