Am I the only one?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I, a like many teenagers, love me a bit of Social Networks. I love the idea and concept of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and (obvs ;-) ) Snapchat. 

They are my favourite things to look at, they all help me stay in touch with old friends that I no longer see due to them not coming to Sixth Form. I like the simplicity of it, the fact that I can talk so easily to everyone even if they are just around the corner. 

Facebook helps me just talk to my friends (even though half the time it's just to ask how you do the homework). I just adore it. Facebook is normally the first thing I check in the morning, and on my newsfeed there is normally many vines! Love Vines! They are just hilarious!!!

The second thing I check is Instagram. It may seem weird but I have made so many friends through Instagram. Mostly, falconers, but there is a strong knit community on there that I just love! Last month when I posted a picture of Hedwig (Our old Snowy Owl, that we unfortunately had to put down), there were a quite a few people who said they are sorry for your loss and try to offer sympathy. If something happens, we usually try to help and show our respect for them. I also love to look up the #barnowl tag, it always makes me chuckle when people think that most owls are Barn Owls!

After Instagram, I normally check Twitter, see what's trending and what's happened over the night. Twitter is normally the best if I want to know what's happening. I am following @BBCOne, and on a Saturday they normally show teasers of whats going to happen in Doctor Who. I recently, got into the world of American Horror Story (AHS), and as Freakshow is coming soon, I am constantly checking lots of peoples twitter to check for pictures, teasers etc. I just love how instantaneous everything is!

The last one I check is Snapchat. Now sometimes this annoys me, because Snapchat seem to think everyone wants to know about 'Oktoberfest' or 'College Football', however sadly I don't. What I love about Snapchat is that you could be talking to anyone. Like you could talk to your friends and send pictures of you with 20 chins, or you could be talking to your 'crush' and be looking all nice. Recently, Youtubers have taken to using Snapchat and I love it. I love how even though they seem so famous and above everyone yet each of them take their own time out of the day and just talk to us. I think it is brilliant! One thing I do have to say about SC is that I hate not having enough room to type something out. It's really furiating. And there isn't enough room to write it out either! Eurgh. 

Anyway, if you want to catch me on on these, here are my links:

Snapchat: Konnieee16

Follow me dudes. 

Comment below what your favourite Social Network is! I'll talk to you all later! 👌👋

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