MARCH FAVOURITES 2015! Grey's Obsessed?!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March?! March?! MARCH?! Where'd you go?!? April, don't come sneaking up on me!! 

Can someone explain how and why it's nearly April?! March has been a pretty hectic month, and I cannot believe it has nearly passed by already! Well, as you have already guessed, here are my March Favourites 2015!


Let's kick this off, with my Music Favourites. Recently, I have become a little bit obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, and over the past month, I have watched Season 7 Episode 18, Song Beneath A Song, about 1000 times! If you don't know, this is their "Music Event" episode. I don't want to spoil the storyline for those who are just starting, but it's basically a Glee version of Grey's. There are 9 songs in the episode, and most containing Sara Ramirez (Calliope Torres) who is an amazingly talented singer. Actually, all of the cast are surprisingly good singers! Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), Chyler Leigh (Lexi Grey), Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins). Everyone basically! Anyway, in the episode, they decided to sing songs that Grey's had made famous/ was featured in the many seasons. Here are the song titles:

1. Chasing Cars
2. Breathe 
3. How We Operate
4. Wait
5. Runnin' On Sunshine
6. Universe & U
7. Grace
8. How To Save A Life
9. The Story

They are all incredible and stupidly talented! Even if you don't watch Grey's I would still go and take a listen, they are great songs! Here's a playlist to them all: Song Beneath The Song Playlist

I haven't really been playing many games this month, so my Favourite App has to be YouTube. I have just been addicted to it, as usual! I have been watching everything, including Grey's bloopers, Calzona moments ;-), and many more! YouTube is love. YouTube is life. 

I have to admit, I have been watching a lot of Vanoss! <- Check him out, he is hilarious. He mostly does GTA V videos, and GMOD! Definitely someone to check out!

If you haven't already guessed, I am obsessed with Greys! I am now up to date with everything, and the storylines are great! May have cried more than I expected, so much stuff happened! I have also fallen deeply in love with Arizona Robbins! She is the happiest person, and just amazing! I don't want to put in any spoilers but she really is incredible, and Jessica Capshaw is amazing at portraying her! If you haven't already heard, Cristina (Sandra Oh) left last season, and I am beyond devastated. It is weird not having her there, and I hope at some point, she returns! I loved just watching how much her character has changed. Cristina, in Seasons 8 through 10, quickly became one of my favourites! If you haven't watched Grey's. Please do! It's amazing, and will get you hooked straight away. I would recommend it highly though, I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I do, I was just looking for a show sort of like Bones, and just ended up on Grey's! Just yeah... WATCH IT! Here's some of the beauties!

Arizona Robbins - Jessica Capshaw. Complete and utter perfection!

Cristina Yang - Sandra Oh. Hilarious and very skilled actress! P.S. Sandra plays Principal Gupta in Princess Diaries!!!
Calliope Torres (Callie) - Sara Ramirez. Desirable BFF, and highly talented singer!
Alex Karev - Justin Chambers. Bloody brilliant Ped Surgeon, and actor ;-)

Instagram & Twitter are my favourite Social Media's of the month, mainly because I can go and stalk all my new found favourite actors/actresses! Especially yesterday, when it was the 10th Anniversary of Grey's Anatomy! It's so easy to stalk them, why wouldn't you?! :-P

Jessica Capshaw easily wins my favourite person. I have been just constantly watching interviews of hers, stalking her, investigating her (maybe a little too much), and just re-watching Grey's episodes to find moments with her! Also, her hair is always on fleek! (Wow, never thought I would use that word! :-D)

Why can't my hair be this perfect?!?!?!
And finally, my new Favourite Film, is Moms' Night Out. I found it whilst stalking Sarah Drew (who plays April Kepner on Grey's, #Japril all the way ;-)) It is a lovely comedy that had me in stitches instantly. It's just a feel good comedy, that you can watch whether you are a mum, or not! It will really make you appreciate stay and home mums! Just truly brilliant! Check the trailer out down below!

As I haven't really been updating this blog recently, I will be trying to do Blog-pril! I will be trying to put up a Blog Post every day of April (If I can;-)). So look forward to that, until then, I will see you all later my beauties. Please make sure you go and check out Grey's!

Signing off!


R.I.P - My gorgeous little boy, Jaroody! <3

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