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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Courtesy of Louise!

We are four months into April?! Say whaaat? I cannot believe it is the 1st April already, please slow down!! 

April is always one of my favourite months. It's spring, which means that we have more daylight hours, there are more pretty flowers out, people cut their grass (Let's just take a moment to reminisce that particular smell, aaah)! April also happens to be the month of mine and my mums birthday! Her's is on the 3rd and mine on the 16th! The most shocking thing about this year is that I will be turning 17. 17! Seventeen. I will be the Dancing Queen for a whole year. Excuse me, but what is going on?! I was only a small little girl a few seconds ago, and now I will be driving?! No. Please, just don't let me go out driving, I promise you I will end up breaking something! 

Anyway, I thought as today's the start of Blog-Pril, I thought I would start off with saying what I want from this month! April is going to be a big month for me, and I hope you stick along with me! 

First: Do more stuff with the birds! I do quite a bit with them anyway, but now that it's not getting dark till like 8, that means that I will have more time outside to just sit and mann them down! Also means, I will be able to start flying them in the mornings, which I cannot wait for! This will also mean that I will have much more time after we put the birds to bed, to clean everything! During the spring and summer, I spend most nights outside, cleaning baths, perches, their avaries and the patio. To be quite honest, I love doing it! It gives me the sense of relief that everything is clean and what it can be! It also gives me lots of alone time, as I'm normally the only one out there! This means, lot's of dancing, singing, basically aggravating the neighbours :-D! During this time, I usually listen to music, mostly power ballads, aha. I mean who could resist singing and dancing to a 80's classic?! 

You are welcome.

Second: Although I am actually terrified, I cannot wait to drive. Driving gives you independency, and that's something I just can't wait for. Believe me though, I am genuinely terrified! My mum got me a car for an early Birthday present, and it is awesome! However, when I look at it, I just see what I could do in it. DON'T TAKE THAT AS A EUPHEMISM!! I mean, how I could damage it! If you know me, I am literally the most accident prone person, I once tripped over a bollard and pulled all my back muscles *claps casually at myself*. Konnie, you'll be fine, it'll all be okay! 

Thirdly: I can't wait for shows and weddings to start. I absolutely adore shows! Like, I literally cannot wait for them to start! It's hard to explain, but letting lots of people show appreciation to our birds is truly amazing. I also love watching people's faces change to either fear or joy to see Birds of Prey! I also happen to be in love with little toddlers and the older generation. I have no idea why, but I love to just stand and chat with them. They are completely different conversations, but I adore them both. Don't get me wrong, I love chatting with teenagers and adults, but toddlers are just adorable and with the elders, we talk about how they used to see these all the time and no longer do! It's either that, or they have never seen one before up close. OMG, when people have never seen them up close, those are truly the best conversations! Basically, if you talk to me and you love Birds of Prey, I will stand and chat with you for probably half an hour! Weddings, *sigh*, do I even need to explain myself?! With most of the weddings we do, both the Bride and Groom know. However, we have a couple now that are the Bride booking for the Groom, or the other way around. This makes things 10x better! About a year or two ago, we had a bride book us for her wedding, to surprise her husband to be who had just come back from Afghanistan. He was all dressed up in his military uniform, and when our gorgeous Harris Hawk flew down the aisle to his father, he broke down crying (with happiness). It was amazing to witness and amazing to know that we did that! When they were having their photo's, we brought Tess over so they could have a photo with her, and he hugged her and was so pleased! I just love doing them, absolutely love it! I cannot waait, till Bear does he first wedding, I will probably break down crying, but he will be amazing!

Penultimately: I can't wait to get out and plant some flowers and strawberry plants. Over the past year, I have really gotten into it, and I cannot wait to go out and get some! We'll probably end up with too many, but I will look after all of them! As I said before, I love all the flowers that bloom this time of the year, and I loooveee taking pictures of them aswell!! Expect lot's of flower pictures soon!

Finally: Grey's. My birthday is on a Thursday, which means Grey's night. I also looked up the episode airing, and it happens to be the airplane crash in Seattle. Lord help me! I don't think I will be able to survive, and I also happen to have a driving lesson the next day, so woo! He's gunna love me! But like Grey's lately has been amazing, and I cannot wait to see what Shonda is trying to do this month! If you wanna talk about Grey's with me, believe me I happily will, then tweet me @BOPandothers! I NEED A PERSON!

Sorry about this being a little bit long, but I like doing this! Tell me whether you do or not in the comments! Also tell me what you what you want/looking forward to this month down below! Until next time, 

Signing off! 


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