April Favourites

Thursday, May 07, 2015

April has already passed? Whaa?!

Well... Technically right now, we are already a week into May!?! Sorry this is a bit late, computers been down (is still down :( ). But let's kick off my April Favourites!


My music taste is all over the place at the minute! I've been going over old favourites, and finding new awesome songs! First though, is Shawn Mendes. Shawn is b-e-a-utiful and is a very very talented 16 year old. His new album is basically what I have been listening to! Specifically Kid In Love, Stitches, Air Strings, Something Big and Never Be Alone!! I haven't just been listening to Shawn though, I have found some Hozier songs I adore, and a few odd ones! Here's a list:

Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon
Work Song - Hozier
Someone New - Hozier
Weekend - Priority
Where Does The Good Go - Tegan and Sara
Honey, I'm Good - Andy Grammer
Back Home - Andy Grammer

^ Go listen to these, now.


My favourite app/game is QuizUp! The name is a give away really, it's a quiz app (surprise, surprise). I've fallen in love with it, mostly because they have a Grey's Anatomy category! After playing it for a while, I have now realised how obsessed I am! Aha. There are tons of other categories aswell, anything from Logos, Harry Potter, Grey's, Jobs, etc, etc. 

This past month, I've fallen for the lovely SideMen! This consists of Simon, Ethan, JJ, Vikk, Josh, Tobi and Harry <--Go check all their Fifa videos, plus also their videos on other channels!

Still obsessed with Grey's! But due to my mother, I have also found 2 other programs that I have fallen in love with. First, The Mysteries of Laura, literally one of the best detective programs! The storylines are perfect, the characters are awesome and it's just an amazing series!

This is Laura, homicide detective and mother of twin boys! She makes me want to be both a detective and a red head!!

The second program is Madam Secretary! In the UK, we are currently only on episode 2? However, already I am head over heels. It's such an intriguing program, that I was hooked to it instantly! Plus Tim Daly is in it (Mmhmm.)

SWOOON! How in this world, is this beautiful man 59!?!?
Twitter is currently my favourite social media! I can keep up with everyone all in one place, the only problem is that I am following many Grey's accounts and on a Friday, if I go on 3am there will be nothing but spoilers plastered over my timeline. However frustrating it is, I love it!

My favourite person is still Jessica Capshaw. She is an adorable woman, and I have a very strong 'crush' on the woman. Although, she is technically not a real life person, April Kepner is another favourite of mine. She is such a strong person and I love how much she has grown on the show. She is awesome and I want her to be my best friend, especially now with her new hair which was shown in the latest two hour episode!

AAAAAAH!?! Can someone give me her hair please?

In the past month, the only movie I have watched happens to be Paddington. It made me laugh much more than I thought it would. To be honest, it's a much better film than I first anticipated. It's a great movie for everyone!! 


Guys, I'm so sorry for not posting for a while, it's just so hard to do without a computer! I'll post whenever I can, so whilst I'm not posting, comment what type of content you want to see! 

Until then, 


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