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Friday, April 17, 2015

Lately, I have become a little bit addicted to social media! I love finding new people, and talking to others who I otherwise would not talk to.

Here's my Top 10 people to follow on Instagram: 

1. @theevilspawn - This is a Grey's Anatomy Fan Page! It is all edits of pictures from the episodes, and I think they are bloody perfect! They are so intricate and must take so long to make! Truly amazing, and she is very down to earth!

2. @BirdsOfPrey_Kianilo - This dude is awesome! He owns some of the best looking birds I have seen. He is amazing at what he does, and puts up some amazing pictures and videos!

3. @HeyyyDougie - This has to be one of my favourite dog profiles! He is a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy, who is SOO FLUFFY! He is adorable and you have to go and follow him!

4. @NatGeoLandscape - You have to be following this account! The pictures are stunning, and they make me want to travel the world even more! The pictures are in the best quality and I want so badly to take pictures anywhere near their standard!

5. @LifeOfElliot_ - How could I not be following a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever account? Well, I think I may be following like 7?! Oops! Elliot makes me want one even more, he is adorable and I cannot get over how freaking cute he is! 

6. @Elfie_Gimli - Pretty sure this is the only cat account that I am following! Well, these two cats, both have dwarfism, which makes them that much cuter! They look like the two sweetest cats you could ever meet!  Just please go check them out!!!!

7. @AbellasBraids - These two sisters are so sweet, and have the most perfect hair! This account though, is their mother showing off the braids she does on them, and I cannot describe how amazing they are! Also, how tolerant the children must be! They must take ages to complete and they are simply stunning!

8. @Only_Raptors - This profile puts up pictures of Birds of Prey from other accounts, giving them shoutouts. They choose a couple pictures a day, and I am amazed by how many different types of Raptors they have on there. They are awesome, and they use great pictures! 

9. @Visual_Condyle - Tara is amazing at drawing. She has done some awesome pictures all of which she has drawn on the computer. Go check her out, and if you like one of her pictures, she has a website which you can buy some products with the pictures on!

10. @GreysAnatomyFacts - I am addicted to Greys, however when I recently found this, I was a little shocked about some of the facts on there! I.E. Katherine Heigl and Jessica Capshaw were in a movie in 2001 called Valentine, which also happens to star David Boreanaz (Booth from Bones). I was also stunned to read that Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh were in a movie together where they played lovers called Under The Tuscan Sun. After looking at this account, I have lots of movie watching, aha! 

Go and check all of these out, and if you're not, go follow me on Instagram! @Konnieee16


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