2016 GOALS!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm not really one for New Year's Resolutions. I used to, but then I broke them within a week. I'm more one for short-term goals. Having a year to do something seems too long for me to realise I either can't do it, or won't! 

So, instead of making a fool of myself and creating New Year's Resolutions, I decided to just set a few goals for the new year. 

1. See the joy in every day. 

I like to be a happy person. However, I can be brought down from my 'happy high' very quickly. I want to be able to see the joy, and keep a firm grasp of it, all day. I know there will be bad days, but in every day there is some kind of joy. If not, go find it. 

2. Seize as many opportunities as possible.

I want to go out and do more things. In 2015, I feel like I held back. I want to go out and do more things with my family, my friends or just by myself. I want to go ice-skating, go eat out at restaurants, go on day-outs with my friends, road-trips? Everything! If you have any suggestions, please comment them down below!

3. Embrace my inner nerd.

Being a nerd is cool. Now-a-days, there is no reason not to show your inner nerd. I will express my love for Doctor Who anywhere, I will fan-girl any time I please. Why does everyone wanna shut down your inner nerd. 

4. Exercise more. 

I'm not happy with my body, and I feel like this next year I am going to aim to get to a shape that I like. I don't want to lose a certain amount of weight, I just want to be a size where I am happy. I want to be able to go out, and be able to flaunt my body, not wear clothes in which I am comfortable. I want to wear fitting clothes, and be able to somehow pull them off. 

5. Pass my driving test.

I need to pass my test asap. I hate taking the bus, I hate relying on my Mum to taxi me around. I want the freedom, I want to be able to go out whenever I want. Eurgh. I need to pass. To be honest, I only need a few more lessons, and then I think I could pass. Hopefully. Eventually I will. 


What are your 2016 goals? Any new ones, or are they re-runs from last year that never happened? 

Happy New Year my lovelies. I hope 2016 will be even better than 2015, I am aiming to update my blog a lot more! 

See you all in the new year,


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