Thursday, February 25, 2016

Every month I set new goals for me to try to achieve. I have been doing them, just not updating you on them! If you haven't seen what my goals were, click here! I've been so busy this past month, that I kinda forgot about them... I know, I know. I annoyed with myself already, so next month I am going to set some more goals and make sure I complete them! Here's how they went. 

1. Choose healthier options

I have been doing better, I am a sucker for cucumbers and bananas - get your head out of the gutter - and I found they're great for snacks. However, I caved in and bought hazelnut croissants... Let's not mention this again. 

2. Spend more time with the birds

YES! As wedding season is slowly approaching, I've been spending lots of time with all the birds. I found out recently that Remi loves watching the TV, and Tobi just likes looking around the living room! I love spending time with the birds, and it's getting so much easier now with it not getting dark till like 6!? I'm unbelievably happy.

3. Practise more of the things I enjoy!

Well...My unicycle is still in the garage, but, I have been playing my ukulele. I forgot how much I both love and loathe it. I love playing it, it relaxes me, and brings back an insane amount of memories, but now the fingers on my left hand are slick and slidy from doing the chords. Eurgh. I hate it. I think I am starting to annoy the neighbours, but ah well, I'm having fun!

4. Drink more water

Ah, yes, water. Mhmm, I've been drinking 2L a day, if not more *looks around sheepishly*. Yeah, that hasn't gone that well. I have been drinking water, just not the amount I was hoping for. I forget, okay. I will set reminders, or get an app. I need to do something!

5. Take more pictures

Yep. Definitely been doing this too! Aha, well I have and I haven't. I will take pictures of stupid things, or of the birds and take loads, but I only do that every fortnight or so... I am hoping to go out at the weekend and take some more pictures of the birds, and some Instagrams hopefully!


Part success? Not completely sure what to say about this month. How did you do with your February goals? Better than mine, I hope!

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