Saturday, February 27, 2016

I am in love with many people, and have fallen for many in just this past month. I thought I would inform you of some people you need to follow or just check out!


Blogs - Holy cow. This woman is brilliant, and I love her so much! I only found her through BlogLovin' and instantly fell in love with her blog, her life and just about everything! I have no idea how she manages a job as a surgeon, a wife and mother of two, oh and a blog!? How is that possible? She's awesome, go check her out! - I have blog envy. In fact, I'm just envious of her in general. She is gorgeous, and so is her blog, and oh my goodness, her husband. This woman. I want to be her best friend, mostly just because she seems awesome, but also because I want to know how to do all her braids. In love. Head over heels. - I came across her blog on BlogLovin', and instantly became obsessed. Her gorgeous red locks entranced me. (I've basically had hair envy this past month :-P.) She is an amazing woman who is the mother of 5, which is a feat in itself, that manages one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever read. Highly recommend to go and read any of her posts, they're just so lovely to both read and look at! What more could you want?! 


@thedogist - I think I have previously mentioned him before, but he is just awesome. This man goes around NY - I think, not too sure - taking pictures of peoples dogs. In every picture, it includes the dogs name, age, breed and a little quote from their owner. It makes my day sometimes, just seeing the different dogs he's met on the streets, or ones that need adopting. Such a lovely profile to follow :-)

@thegoldenfinn - I will forever be in love with Golden Retrievers. After Jester passed away, I've found myself much more drawn to Golden Retriever than other dogs. Especially when they are as dark and as gorgeous as Finn. I cannot get over how adorable he is, and his owner takes some of the best pictures ever. In love. I want another Golden Retriever!!!

@tollersofinstagram - This account is basically my life. As you may/should know, I'm in love with Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Not much can compare to my love for them. NSDTR are basically smaller and ginger Retrievers. That is probably the easiest way to describe them! Here's a picture of one. You're welcome!


SacconeJolys - Obsessed? Psh, no... Addicted? Definitely not... Okay. I am. Why are Emilia and Eduardo so friggin' adorable!? It's not fair. I adore watching these at 6pm, it's so lovely to see their life, and the kids grow up! 

ZerkaaPlays - I'm a little, little, little addicted to the Sidemen. I don't know what it is about them, but I love them all! Normally, I am in love with Simon, but lately I've been choosing Joshs (Zerkaa) videos. I love their GTA, but I love when they just play a silly other game. If you haven't heard of the Sidemen by now, where have you been?! Check him out, and then check the rest of them out!

AJ3 - I don't know why, or how, but I'm kinda a Fifa addict. I cannot play the game to save my life, believe me I've tried, but I just love watching people play it. Especially Squad Builder Showdown. I literally couldn't even tell you why. Andy is great, and I've watched too many of his videos by now, but I love them. I just wish I could actually play Fifa! 


I've been obsessed with literally everyone of these this past month, so I would recommend going and checking them all out. Who are you currently addicted to? 



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