Saturday, April 02, 2016

Wow. I feel like I am constantly saying this, but this month has whizzed by! Is it just me? Yes? I think I am just hyping up my 18th too much! Anyway, something I love doing at the end of the month, is going over all my favourites, here they are!


Unfortunately this month, I haven't really found any new songs, I've just been listening and falling back in love with some old songs...

1. Got To Get You Into My Life - Glee Cast 

2. Let Me Down Easy - Sheppard 

3. Reflections - Misterwives

4. Universe & U - Grey's Anatomy Cast (It was the 5 years ago on Thursday since the episode aired :o.) 

5. Kamizake - MO 


I've decided to not find any new programmes to watch! Although I have been wanting to watch Jane The Virgin! 

Greys. Greys. Greys. Where do I begin? I get hyped for every episode because it involves either Arizona or Calzona, and every time, every time, the writers just let us all down. The storylines have turned to mush, and I wish I could go back and watch it all from the beginning, but stop at Season 8. 

THIS PICTURE. I waited for this to happen! Yet it was like a 5 second scene! Grr.

I still have yet to watch this weeks Arrow... I'm sure it's just fab. My little heart broke for Olicity. 

On the other hand, I have been loving Modern Family lately. It hasn't been on every week, which I find very annoying, but it's just been on point for everything! So go and watch that!


I've become obsessed with a driving game. I've always loved driving/parking games, but this one is my favourite! Driving School 2016 is the first game, that I've played, that let's you actually use a clutch and gears! Bit in love! 


This week in quite significant in my household. On Wednesday, it was Tango's 5th birthday! My gorgeous African Spotted Eagle Owl, is five!? I can't believe she's that old already! 

I did a small little video, it's not great, but I tried. 
Also, on Friday, it was Koby's 4th Birthday. Yep, he's our little April Fool! 

On Sunday, it will also be my Mums Birthday! We will be out at a show for her birthday, but she loves being out with the birds... 

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to these three, we all love you lots!


So it's been an eventful month! What have been your favourites of the month?



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