Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, I find, is the awkward day in the week. It's not the beginning, or the middle, nor the end. I feel it's the day you use to make up for the things you didn't do on Monday!

I use Tuesdays as a day of reflection. I think about everything that happened last week, and what is happening throughout this week! I think about how fast everything is going! It's nearly the end of March, it's Easter weekend, and it's not long till I'm 18. I am not over how fast this year is flying by. 

Anyway, let's have a chat!

I would like to start this chat of by saying how disappointed I am in the human race. Days like today, make me so mad. If you haven't heard, several bombs went off in Brussels today. They were first at the airport, then bombs went off in the metro. 10 killed, 92 injured from the airport blast. 20 dead and up to 130 injured from the Metro blast. We think this is an act of terrorism, but we can never be sure. Just please don't blame it all on Muslims. It might be at the fault of one, but we cannot blame their whole race due to one's actions. This genuinely makes me hate humanity. We always need to do something, we always need to say something. I want to live in a world with peace, I want my kids to grow up in a world with peace and equality. 


How's your day? How's your month been? I am looking forward to Easter! We always have our big 'first' show of the year, and it seems to have come around way too fast! To think about where we were a year ago, is insane! We've developed new friendships, lost some, and grown so much

Also, in about 3 weeks, I am going to be turning 18. Still not over this fact. How am I that old? Can I please go back to being a 5 year old!? Right now, 18 is an inconceivable number. With my luck and clumsiness, I am surprised I might be able to actually reach 18! 


For once, I am actually excited for Grey's Anatomy. If you are following me on Twitter, then you will know that I have been going a little crazy over a picture of 'Calzona' - Callie and Arizona - in a scene together!  If you know anything about Grey's Season 12 - yawn - then you will know that neither Arizona nor Callie have had much screen time. It has been the "Penny and Meredith Show!" Everyone right now is hoping for a Calzona reunion, and this week could be the start of it! Aaah! 

Callie and Arizona ~ 12x15 - I Am Not Waiting Anymore 
On the other hand, I was quite disappointed with OUAT - Once Upon A Time - this week. It's getting too wacky and strange for my liking. The new people they're bringing in, don't really fit and I just feel it's a bit OTT.  


There have been some new developments in tech this week! If you keep up with Apple, then you know they had a 'Keynote'/Event yesterday. There was lot's of different thoughts of what they would announce, everyone knew that they would be announcing the new 4 inch iPhone SE. As a lover of huge phones, I honestly am not sure why they decided to make a smaller screened phone, but I can see the practicality in some ways. Something that shocked everybody was them announcing the new iPad Pro. Except this one is 9.7"? Isn't that just the iPad Air? At least they are getting the point. Who needs a 12" iPad? Designers, sure, but the everyday person, nope. Apple tried to explain that it could replace the MacBooks. Urm, no. It doesn't have the ability for me to do half the stuff I need to on a computer. 

If you want to know anymore, check out iJustine's video about it! ^

As you could already guess, I am a big fan of Tech, but this week, has been strange for it. Apple suddenly deciding to shrink their new products? I'm not for that. Rant over!

What's new in your life? 



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