Monday, July 04, 2016

If you read my last blog post, or if you are following me on either Twitter or Snapchat - Konnieee16 - then you should know that we have a new baby! Not human - definitely not! We have a new Owl baby!

I would like to introduce to you, Owlando or as I call 'him' Bubba!

Can anyone guess what Owl he is? It's a tough one without seeing his bottom half... 

If you guessed Little Owl, you would be very close, as he is a Burrowing Owl! Frequently they are called Little Owls on stilts!

Bubba is 5 weeks, and is currently my favourite little thing. I'm usually someone more for the bigger birds, like Red Tailed Hawks, Snowy Owls, African Spotted Eagle Owl, etc. However for some reason, he has me hooked. He stands around 6" tall, and weighs around 5.3 oz. HE'S TINY! He's also adorable

As he is still so young, he is still learning new sounds and actions, and gets so sleepy. Alike all the other babies we've had, when he sleeps, he lays down. This is natural behaviour for a baby, it's an easy way to get comfortable until they learn to sleep standing. This little dude will fall asleep anywhere if you keep stroking his head. He will go from standing to kneeling, and then suddenly drop down. It's simultaneously frightening and the cutest thing ever! 

If he isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen, you are mistaken. He's absolutely bloody - please mind my french - adorable. 

His training is coming along well, he currently has all of his equipment on, and is responding to the whistle, it won't be long till he is up and flying! 

If you want to keep up with all his adventures, then be sure to follow me on Snapchat (Konnieee16) that's where I post a lot more pictures and videos!


Isn't he the cutest thing?! I love you Owlando!



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