Sunday, July 03, 2016

Where's our Summer!? June is meant to be the start of summer, and yet I don't think we've had one good day! *insert sad face*! June's been probably one of my favourite months, here are a couple favourites of mine!


I've found it so hard to find some good, catchy songs this month. Here are a couple that have really been stuck in my head this month!

1. Tilted - Christine and the Queens
2. i hate you, i love you (ft. Olivia O'Brien) - Gnash
3. House of Gold - Twenty One Pilots
4. Kill 'Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez
5. Leave Me Lonely (ft. Macy Gray) - Arianna Grande
6. Too Good (ft. Rihanna) - Drake


Everything is on hiatus! Nooo! Greys Anatomy, Orphan Black, Last Man Standing, Jane The Virgin, etc. I haven't had the time to start a new show, so instead I've been catching up with Madam Secretary!

We're - My mum and I - currently on 2x22. Don't spoil the last episode! It's a fantastic show featuring Tea Leoni and Tim Daly! As you guessed from the title, it is about Madam Secretary - Elizabeth McCord, Secretary of State. Although we don't follow US politics, the topics they show are brilliant. There's a lovely backstory, and it's also centered around the kids. I adore it, and although the storylines are quite complex, it's so easy to follow along. I believe it is on US Netflix, but unfortunately not in the UK. If you are in the UK, I think it's on Sky Boxsets, so go and binge watch it now! 


Instagram has been my favourite thing to check lately. I love scrolling through my timeline, the explore page, and through the hashtags falconry and birdofprey. It's brilliant. I love seeing and befriending some new falconers. If you are not following me, then you are missing out on some lovely selfies with the birds! Follow me on Instagram! 


I've kept a little secret from you all, which you might have guessed if you are following me on either Snapchat (Konnieee16) or Twitter. We have a new addition to our family, and keep tuned on here to see what he is...


What were some of your favourites from this month? Are you missing my videos? ;-) 



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