Monday, August 01, 2016

Excuse me? Could someone tell me how we are now over half way through the year!? Can we slow this down? July has been one of the quickest months - in my opinion - and I need it to slow down! I feel I am not appreciating this summer time enough! Anyway, here are a few of my favourites from July: 


Earlier this month, I did a post about my Current Most Played Songs! I have also fallen back in love with both Shawn Mendes's album - Handwritten and Sam Smiths album - In The Lonely Hour! Go check them out!


I haven't really had the time to get into any new shows, although I am looking at watching Stranger Things, is it any good? 

If I am watching some show, you can bet it's either old Top Gear or Outnumbered. I just love them both so much! They are both my type of comedy, and nothing will beat British comedy. I'm currently somewhere in Season 19 of Top Gear and Season 1 of Outnumbered!

Good news everyone, Grey's Anatomy starts filming Season 13 today (1st August) and we need to hope and pray for Arizona to gain some happiness! Although this is a day to celebrate - it's finally here - it's also the first time in 10 years that Sara Ramirez is not there! *sad face* I will miss Dr. Calliope Iphegenia Torres, and I'm hoping that she will come back very soon for her bae!


My favourite app at the moment is Snapchat! The filters always for a fun time with the birds! 

I've also recently learnt that the filters work on the Barn Owls! You cannot imagine the possibilities! 

If you are not following me on Snapchat, to see beauties like these, follow me: Konnieee16


At the moment, I am a bit obsessed with Bubba, Owlando, and Smokey! Bubba is genuinely the most adorable bundle of fluff I just can't deal with it! Click here to read more about him!

Smokey is now 5 months, and although she is the shyest little Owl, she is so gorgeous and lovely to fly! I've been flying her everyday for the past month and she is coming along so nicely!!


Lately, I have been so determined to get all the birds back up to their fitness before their moults, and it's paying off! The birds are coming out, flying further and 10x more confident than before! It's a lovely experience, and I hope sometime this year I can really crack Remi and get him up and flying aswell! 


There's a few of my favourites from this past month! What are your favourites? 

I've been thinking this past month about starting to vlog? Is this something you would like to see? It would feature all the birds, and show them flying! Would this be something you would watch? 



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