Sunday, August 21, 2016

I'm pretty sure everyone loves pizza! I mean how could you not? It's absolutely delicious! As much as I wish this post was just solely about pizza, it's not! 

This post is about the latest addition to the family! I bet you're sat there wondering what a new bird has to do with pizza? Well, his name is....


I had you there thinking: pineapple? Pepperoni? Tomato? Not really the best of names, but eh, it could work ;) 

I am very pleased to introduce to you: Domino the 5 year old European Kestrel.

We've had a few Kestrels in our time, ranging from males to females, to an American Kestrel. However, this is the first one who is actually mine. As in, he is my bird. He hasn't just been passed down to me, I bought him, and he is now my little WIP. 

I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for this to happen. Ever since I was around 11, I have wanted my own little Kestrel - either a European or American, but definitely male. I've fell in love with him. He's my little bud, and he's making me change everything I do. 

I'm typically a girl who loves the big birds. I love my Snowy Owl, I adore the Eagle Owls I have and Remi (who we know think is a girl) is my little challenge! I've never really took myself for a little bird kinda girl. I'm afraid I might lose it - with my eyesight it is definitely plausible - or a bigger animal would come and kill it. However, after having Bubba - Owlando - I have just fallen head over heels for the liccle munchkins! 

Domino has taught me so many things, and I've yet to have him a week!

He's taught me patience - he likes to somehow wrap his jesses around his leg, and he isn't too keen on you touching his feet, so it's a patient game of trying to keep his attention away from you, and trying not to injure yourself or him!

He's taught me that he's very loud - he's a very noisy chap. He likes to make sure everyone knows he is there, normally with a very loud chirp/scream. It can be cute, but at bed time and when I put him out in the mornings, it can get very annoying! Not only is he loud, he also has a little bell attached to his leg, which shakes like no tomorrow! He has to make himself known you know? ;)

He's taught me that everything is fascinating - I adore just manning a bird down and watching them watch everything. You start to see things through a completely different viewpoint. Like mirrors, glass windows, other birds - everything is like this amazing spectre. I love it!


I haven't got around to taking some good pictures of Domino yet, I've been waiting for some good weather so I can get some good pictures of him flying, but the weather is not holding up hope! I hope you enjoyed reading about Domino! If you want to keep up with his progress and see more of him, check my social media links out! -->



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