Monday, March 20, 2017

Oh blog, how I have missed you!

I'm back! I took a little while off of blogging and vlogging when Bubba passed away, I just found everything too difficult, but now I'm so glad to be back!

I thought today I would share with you, my current favourites! 


Music has been my haven the past month - it's the one thing I can constantly turn to! Here's my current top 10!

1. Skin - Rag'n'Bone Man
2. Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers, Coldplay
3. Issues - Julia Michaels
4. Believer - Imagine Dragons
5. Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran

6. Be The One - Dua Lipa
7. Scared Of The Dark - Steps (!!) 
8. A Change of Heart - The 1975
9. Ciao Adios - Anne-Marie
10. Charlemange - Blossoms


Grey's has really been on the back burner for me lately! I still adore the cast, and love the characters, but Shonda please! Step the game up! We want good storylines. We want interesting relationships! We don't want any imitators! We definitely don't want 'actors' who are cardboard cut-outs who cannot show any emotion! Oh, and please Sara Ramirez save us all and come back?! 

On a real note, I have been LOVING One Day At A Time! It's a Netflix original around a Cuban family and there quirks! I had already heard and seen lots of things about the show on twitter, and I thought I would give it a try! It's currently only got a 13 episode season and has just been renewed!!! It's a hilarious comedy - it's what I call my comedy, snarky and sarcastic! That last episode made me cry though! Go and watch it right now!

We've also been watching Madam Secretary! It's a brilliant drama and me and my Mum love watching it! It can be quite hardcore, but the storylines are always incredible and the actors do a spectacular job!

Can someone tell me though, how is Tim Daly 61!? WHAT!


A couple weeks ago, we managed to find time to sit down and watch a movie! We wanted to go for a comedy, but when we were on Sky Cinema, we found Miracles From Heaven. We read the description and instantly remembered the trailer and put it straight on. Wow. Definitely not a comedy. It made me sob! SOB! If you want to watch it, don't watch the trailer!!! IT'S INCREDIBLE! It's not very often that I will cry at a film, let alone sob! It pulled at all my heart strings and I will 100% be watching again even though I know what happens! It's perfect, plus it has Queen Latifah in it and it's so lovely to see her in it! She has such a big presence, and it's refreshing to see her on the screen!

Another film we watched lately (literally last night) was Ghostbusters! I don't know why it took me this long to watch the film, but I severely regret it. I adored it! How could I not!? It's got 4 incredible comediennes (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) and was exactly what I needed! Melissa McCarthy is one of my favourite actresses and so every film of hers is incredible, she's bloody fantastic! I loved how they incorporated things from the previous Ghostbusters and they pulled it off so well! A film I will be watching a lot more! 


If you are subscribed to my YouTube account - BOPAndOthers - then you will see that we have two new additions to the family! We have two Barn Owls called Boo and Bae! They are around 8 months old currently and I am trying to work like a madman to get them manned down and flying! I've been working hard with all the birds to get them all up and flying again, but especially the new Barn Owls! They are currently doing okay, not quite where I would like them to be, but we are progressing which is always good! 



To keep up with everything I am doing with the birds, subscribe to my YouTube channel! I've been trying to daily vlog as much as I can, and will be starting to put up a lot more sit down, chatty videos! > BOPAndOthers <


I'm trying to start planning and scheduling blog posts so that I can put up around 2 a week!? What sort of days are best for you? 



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