Sunday, February 19, 2017

A week ago today, I lost my pebble.

I lost my shining light. 

Last Sunday, 12th February 2017, Owlando (Bubba) died in my arms. I'm still completely heartbroken. 

Bubba was my 9 month old Burrowing Owl. He was perfect. He was everything I've ever wanted! He became my life very quickly. Especially after Bear died. 

We got Bubba when he was around 3/4 weeks, and it was love at first sight. I cannot explain to you just how tiny he was! I was the first one out of my family to hold him that day, and I knew that we were meant to be! He wasn't the cutest thing ever, I will admit! However, to me, he was everything. 

I've always been a big bird kinda girl, I love the eagles and all the big owls (Snowy Owls especially), or so I thought! Bubba melted me. I was in adoration of a little owl that weighed around 5oz (140g) and that thought still scares me! 

I still remember the first night he was home. We put him in the large tub in the background of the picture ^ and left him downstairs thinking he would be okay, he's tiny, what can he do? The next morning, my Mum was first down, and I heard her shout "Konnie, where is he!?". Instant panic. If I'm woken by a shout, it can only mean a certain number of things, and not many are good. I ran downstairs, to find my Mum laughing. The box was under the stairs, and was very clearly empty. It took me about 10 seconds to look around the box and suddenly see two little eyes staring up at me. Safe to say we learned from that lesson! Still have no idea how he jumped high enough to get out of the box, but hey!

Our bond was incredible. I didn't think we'd bond that quickly and easily, but it was like instinct. I was his mumma, he was my bubba.

He was fantastic at everything! He loved meeting new people, he loved running about like a headless chicken, he loved talking to me and all the birds outside, he loved life. 

It was only over the past couple of weeks that I started to fly him properly! I didn't want to overfly him, as I wanted him to run aswell, but he loved both so much!

Basically he was a terror! No matter in the air or on the ground, he would try and create destruction! Unless there was chick legs involved, he absolutely adored them!

Once Bear had died, I really wanted to throw myself into something, and for me, that meant that all free time would be spent (most likely) with this little one! We both adored it. 

Our relationship evolved into something so strong, that he knew instantly what to do. He would jump and wait for the signal, he would run and try to find where I went! He was incredible, and I miss him so much already. 

Words can't quite explain the heart break we're in right now, but I'm glad that he went knowing just how much I loved him, and how much he meant to me!

I hope you are okay up there buddy, I hope you are with Bear and Breeze trashing everything about and having so much fun. I miss you so incredibly much! It's so strange to have a quiet garden again. Bubba was so talk-a-tive that it became something I got so used to, and loved. Now, there's nothing. 


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