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I've been on Instagram a lot lately, I've fallen back in love! I've seen a couple people do this 'daily challenge' for Birds of Prey, and I want to do it, but I don't want to wreck my Insta theme ;-) (I really don't have one, someone please help me!) 

You are meant to post a picture a day of your favourite of these birds. Here are the days and categories:

1. Eagle
2. Falcon
3. Hawk
4. Buzzard
5. Harrier
6. Kite
7. Old World Vulture
8. New World Vulture
9. Owl
10. Other (An off one out that doesn't fit into any of the above categories)  


I thought let's do a blog post about it instead! I have a lot to say!! 


Day One: Chilean Blue Eagle/Black Chested Buzzard Eagle

Adult Plumage

Juvenile Plumage

This one might be up for debate, as people may not consider it to be an eagle? To me it is, and it is gorgeous! One of my dreams is to imprint one, and fly it. They are gorgeous birds from South America and weigh between 3.7lb and 7lb. It is around the weight that I would feel comfortable. It is the perfect 'Eagle' for me to fly and get used to before I would make the step up to bigger ones! 

Day Two: Aplomado Falcon

I've been obsessed with these little Falcons since I was around 12. They are stunning! I saw my first one when we went to go and pick up a Barn Owl chick, and it was out on the grass. I was instantly head over heels, and still want one to this day. I follow lots of Birds of Prey centres, and especially in America there is one that is lure trained and I am always spell bound by them. If I ever get to the point of owning one, I will have made it. They are the size of small Peregrines, weighing in around 7.3-16oz, which is tiny!! They are also - alike the Chilean Blue Eagle - from South America. 

Day Three: Harris Hawk

One of the most under-estimated birds ever. These are often called the 'Beginners Bird' as they are quite easy to train, and will do pretty much anything. I adore them! I've pretty much grown up around them, there was always at least 2 in the garden at once! Last year, I made the best choice ever, and bought Louie. He is the first Harris Hawk that is actually mine, and he is brilliant. He is a pretty big chap, which is brilliant as I am used to flying females. He weighs around 1lb 12, and flies around 1lb 10, which for a Male Harris Hawk is quite big! He doesn't look it, or feel it though! He is such a gentle soul! His hatch date also happens to be the same day as my birthday, so everything about him is actually perfect. Harris Hawks are found in the Americas, and will commonly be found in 'packs'. They are one of only a few types of animals that hunt as packs to guarantee success at the end of a hunt. They are incredibly smart, and very adaptable! 

Day Four: Ferruginous Hawk

This bird fits under both the Hawk and Buzzard category, I promise! They are truly stunning birds though! If I hadn't got Remi (Red Tailed Hawk/Buzzard) then I would have gotten a Ferruginous. They are a lot whiter and rusty coloured than the RTH, and weigh a bit mroe averaging between 2lb to 5lb. I've witnessed many people fly theirs and get them to soar about the skies, and nothing looks better! 

Day Five: Black Harrier

Harriers are a bird that I've never thought of owning! I love hearing about them, but I have yet to see one in the wild yet! It's definitely on my bucket list! Instead of a Harrier from the UK, I have chosen the Black Harrier which is from Africa. It is classed as vulnerable, in the threatened category, and we don't know much about them. As they are not used for 'Falconry' there isn't an average weight, only wingspan! I would love to know more about this gorgeous bird though! The striped tail, and the almost shadow like black on the wings make it look magnificent! 

Day Six: Black Kite

I know, they're not black! Well nor is the Red Kite ;-)! I love these birds, they are stunning little birds, and something I can only aspire to have. Due to us living in Oxfordshire, we are covered in Red Kites, which would make me very worried if I was to free fly a captive bred Kite! Not much beats relaxing back, and watching these soar through the skies! The Black Kite origins from the more tropical parts of Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. They are around the same size as their English cousins weighing around 1lb 12 - 2lb 10oz. Absolutely stunning!

Day Seven: Ruppels Griffon Vulture

They look like they will knock you out instantly! Vultures are not a bird to take lightly! They are really needed in our eco system, and are often neglected, or forgotten! These gorgeous birds are able to get into a carcass and clear it from the meat and bone marrow that the other animals cannot get to. They have a long neck that doesn't have lots of feathers so it can get deep into the carcass, and a hooked beak to help it collect everything! They are stunning things, and I have so much respect for them. Ruppels Griffon Vultures are critically endangered. There is currently around 30,000 and that number is dropping. Their wingspan is something to marvel at - it will definitely hit you in the face - with between 7.4-8.5ft! It is commonly know to be the highest flying bird at around 11,500 feet above sea level! These birds weigh between 14-20lb, would not want to have that on my arm!! 

Day Eight: Andean Condor

Am I the only one that thinks they look a bit like big turkeys?! These gorgeous birds are from South America and are the biggest flying birds by combined measurement of wingspan and weight. It also happens to be the bird with the longest life-span, lasting around 70 years! (I know, I was in shock when I heard about this too!) Alike the Ruppels, these also scavenge carcasses. It's wingspan is between 8ft 10 - 10ft 6in! It, unlike most birds, doesn't follow the norm. The males are heavier than the females! The males can weigh between 24-33lb and females between 18-24lb! Wow! Would not want to face one! Stunning creatures though, would love to see one in person!

Day Nine: Lesser Sooty Owl

Don't judge me, okay! I love these birds! I found out about this species late last year, and have been a little obsessed since! Of course, I adore the Barn Owls (specifically British) and Snowys, but this owl is simply too gorgeous, and people need to see and know more about them! They are closely related to the Greater Sooty Owl (not as cute :-P), and are around the same size! They are a lot bigger than I first imagined, and weigh a bit quite a bit more than my British Barn Owls! They can weigh between 1lb 1 and 2lb 6oz! At that size, the eyes make sense! I was imagining the eyes on a 9oz Barn Owl, and it just doesn't fit! Gorgeous creatures though!

P.S. It was so hard for me to choose just one Owl! I love all of them! Barn Owls, Snowys and Burrowing Owls will always have a special place in my heart though! 

Day Ten: Laughing Kookaburra

I don't think I could do this list without mentioning one of my favourite birds of all time! For the past 4/5 years, I have fallen more and more in love with Kookaburras! Their call is absolutely brilliant, and I want it just to annoy the neighbours ;-)! They are incredible birds, and look brilliant to raise and fly. I am following quite a few people who fly theirs regularly and it looks great - hard to train, but 100% worth it! If you are ever in a bad mood - sad, not a headache - just looks these little fools up on YouTube! Instant happiness! They are found in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania! Their main feature is the large stout beak! They are very small little birds, only weighing between 10.9oz-16.9oz. There is something about them, which amazes me, and I'm still in love with them to this day! 


I loved this! I don't often get a chance to talk about my favourites birds, no-one will listen to me for that long! I hope you enjoyed this, and you found a new bird to be interested in! The facts I found about these gorgeous birds is incredible, and I just want to learn more and more! 

Leave a comment down below, saying which one is your favourite! 



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