Friday, August 11, 2017

Holy cow. I haven't been on here in a while!! Oopsies! Having a puppy and chicks are such bloody hard work! It's been a month since I last posted a blog post, and three weeks since I uploaded on YouTube! Aaaaah! 

*goes back into my quiet cozy bubble*

Anywaaay, I'm back! Woop! 🎉 If you have been following me on any of my socials or are subscribed to my YouTube channel, then you will know that a couple weeks ago, I got a new baby. As you may remember, I picked up a new baby Barn Owl and introduced her in my latest blog post - 'Meet Billie'. A few weeks after that, I picked up my dream bird. 

Everyone; meet Timmy!

If you are unsure, he is an American Kestel (falco sparverius). He is around 8 weeks old now, and the love of my life. 

Since my 11th Birthday, when I got the chance to hold the American Kestrel at Cotswold Falconry Centre, Morton in the Marsh, I have wanted one. It was such a massive privilege that day to hold him, and although I cannot find the picture, I remember that moment so vividly! It also helped that, that day I got to hold a Bald Eagle and then a 'huge, ginormous' Pygmy Owl 😜. 

This has been 8 years in the making, and although I'm glad I have the chance to have him now when I'm a bit more experienced, it was an absolute nightmare having two babies who were both learning to fly, as well as an energetic puppy running around! It was like hell for a good three/four weeks! Fortunately, the babies are all outside now in their aviaries and loving it. Unfortunately, I still have the energy filled puppy! He is lovely though! (Go follow him on Instagram: @Mousey_Ralphy).

I've named him Timmy because he is tiny, and I want to call him Tiny Tim! He weighs around 100g (3.5oz) and I'm terrified. I thought I was scared about Scout's weight at around 180g, this is a whole new ball game! 

We are still going through lots of training: manning, walking, getting him used to Ralph, hopping and leading up to flying. Since we got him, he has been the steadiest little bug ever! Nothing fazes him! Within half an hour of us picking him up, and taking him away from his siblings, we were sat at my Great Aunt's house and he was asleep! We've gone on walks with him, and he will sit as still as possible, and chirp away at you!

My goodness. I was not prepared for how much he 'talks'. As soon as he sees Ralph or I, he is screaming his little heart out. I see this as a good thing, he wants to see me, but my goodness is it just a tad annoying! 

He's so gorgeous that it makes up for everything though! I got the pick of 4 AK's when we arrived at the breeders house. I chose Timmy as I really wanted a male. There was one that was definitely female, and one male that looked like a female from the back. Timmy was the one that looked the most male already. He has the gorgeous grey wing edge, and brown at the top of the back. With AK's, it's very easy differentiating between male and females. 

The difference between them is amazing!
Male on the left, Female on the right!

I'm exceptionally happy with how everything is going lately. Timmy is progressing more and more everyday, Billie is right on the tip of free flying, Scout is there! I still have a couple of birds who are still moulting, but I am so very proud of my birds at the moment! If you want to see more of me and the birds, then you should check out my YouTube: BOPAndOthers. I am going to start uploading properly again, with lots of Ralph, and the birds flying! 

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I will see you soon!

I hope you enjoyed!



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