10 Best Free Apps!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hii guys! Sorry it's been a little while, but I'm back :-D! 

I thought today I'd step out of the ordinary and do my 10 best free apps recently! Let's get started!

1. All the social media accounts! I don't think I could spend a day without scrolling through either: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter! I think I may be a bit obsessed! 

They just help me keep up with recent stories, with old and new friends, and the fit guys I find off Instagram ;-)! I think everyone does it though! You just sit there with your phone in your hands, and just scroll absentmindedly through everything!

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That darn game is trying to kill me! Please send help! SOS. Haha, I'm joking. It is the most addictive and frustrating games I've ever played! Although I have to say I am doing quite well, Level 445 and still ploughing on ;-)! I think the worst part about the game is how competitive I am, when I linked my fb account to it, I became much more interested in it. I needed to beat everyone's score, needed to get further ahead than them, etc. EURGH. It's just one of those games! 

3. Papa Pear Saga

This game I came about to try and find another game for my lovely Grampy to play. He wanted a game, like Candy Crush, so strategic and very fun! I found this, and became addicted. I left Candy Crush, and focused soley on this for a couple weeks! It may seem like a childrens game at first, but you soon learn that no child can play it well enough to move through the levels! As I got my Gramp addicted to it, I became more competitive, and it was mental, both trying to do better than the other, and go further on. That's just one of the reasons why I love this game, it's made me get closer to my lovely Gramp!

4. Wattpad

Wattpad is like a readers heaven/hell. It allows users to read thousands of short stories/ books, however not all the books are finished, and you normally have to wait a week or two for them to be updated. I love it and hate it at the same time! Recently, I have gotten into Werewolf stories. I don't know what it is but they just lure me in, and make me want to read them that instant! Although not all of the stories are written as they should, you will often come across the odd few that were written by young authors and so end up typin lke dis. Believe me, it gets frustrating!

5. Parking Games

Okay, hear me out. I adore parking games, from parking lorries to cars to scooters. Please say that others love them like I do! It may seem weird to those who haven't tried them, but there is something to strategic and worrying about parking someone's car (not irl obviously). Once you have finished reading this post, please go and just play a parking game. You will realise how much fun it is, and wonder why you never played it before. I am particularly in love with Parking Mania on IOS! There are so many levels, and it's an easy game to play with children or to give to children to keep them busy. 

6. Sims Freeplay

Most people probably hate this game, as it's nothing on the sims for PC. This is true, but I was able to download a hack that gave me a billion of everything, and believe me it's a lot more fun when you have the money!! I like it, because before I never used to have Sims 3, and I thought it was a great way to have some aspect of it on my iPad. Just love it!

7. Any Bingo based game

Not too many people know this, but I love a game of Bingo! It always excites me. Currently, I am using an app on IOS called Bingo (easy name :P), everyday you get a certain amount of tickets depending on what level you are, how many full collections you have among the different levels. I love it because at the minute I get 33 cards, and I try to use them as well as I can, but I just get greedy! It's soo crazy, but it's a great game. 

8. Whitagram

I love Whitagram, it is very useful when editing Instagram pictures because you don't have to try and trim it into that awkward square shape they allow. I love how easy the app is to use, how you can choose the colour background you can have, and how you can upload the picture right from the app instead of having to exit it and come back. It's brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone!

9. Gunna do two, as one is kinda private.

I use a Period Tracker, think it explains itself, and the one I use it P Tracker for Android, and I love it. It's excellent.

The other best app, is Flashlight for Android. As it is nearing Winter, it is getting darker earlier and earlier. This means more work for me and my sister, as we have to make sure the birds are fed and flown before it gets dark and in before 8ish now. The Flashlight app really helps me when I am trying to un-do Scooby's rope from the perch as it's normally quite dark in her aviary due to the other side not being up properly!

And finally 10. Strung Along

I only found this app yesterday, and I am already obsessed! In the game, you are a puppeteer, trying to guide your little puppet through all these obstacles, you are in control of the left and right foot. If you don't land properly, you die. If you bring your leg to far over, then the string with snap, causing you to die. It's brilliant, and has lots of levels (that I can't do), that are awesome! Go download it on IOS.

Right guys, I hope this gave you some apps to download, they really are amazing! 

I will speak to you all soon! Byeeee!

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