Friday, January 15, 2016

As you all know, Falconry is a big part of my life. My birds, will never be just birds, they are family members. When something happens, we are all heartbroken. Before I start talking about my birds, I would like you all to remember that these are not just pets. Please don't go out and buy one. There are too many being mis-treated. They may act like little cats, however it takes a lot of training and upkeep for them to be how they are. You cannot go out on a whim and buy one. They are a lot more difficult than a cat or dog, believe me. 


Around a fortnight ago, we picked up a new owl. Technically, I did. I found him, and knew he would be perfect. 

He is a two year old Bengal Eagle Owl called Tobi. He was originally called Kobi, however as we already have a Koby, we thought it would be too confusing so thought a slight change would be perfect. 

He was flying free when we got him, and told that he wasn't a big fan of being stroked. When we got him home, he instantly cuddled in and allowed us all to stroke him. I am still very cautious so am currently flying him on the creance. This just let's me be a bit safer and keep track of where he can go. He is perfect though, and has fit right in. I do not, as yet, have any pictures of him. I am going to be taking some this weekend. So be on the look-out for new pictures!


I have to tell you that unfortunately, our lovely Blue passed away. Blue was my sisters little Barn Owl - Bear's sister - and we don't know what she passed away of, but we miss her everyday. 
Rest In Peace my little bub.

On the other hand, Bear is doing brilliantly. He is his usual 'always hungry, always wanting to fly' self, and I love him for it everyday. He is currently moulting, and for some reason has lost most of his tail feathers, so I am hoping they come back very soon so we can go flying properly. 


Remi is being a stubborn little man. He will sometimes fly to the glove for a head, but most of the time he needs more encouragement. He is starting to love going for walks around the village, and it's lovely going at sunset. 

Tango is currently at fat weight, along with Chillie, who I will be looking to start flying again in February/March. 

Scooby, Scooby, Scooby Dooby Do. Pretty sure she is PMSing right now. It's ridiculous, she will love you one minute, then the next be there grabbing your hand! Anyone got some Nurofen I can give a Snowy Owl? The cramps must be bad ;-)!


What pets do you have? I'd love to know. What are their names? How are they doing at the minute?



R.I.P - Blue, Angela, and Alan Rickman. 

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