Tuesday, June 21, 2016

After writing my 'Netflix Binge Watch Suggestions', I realised just how many shows and characters I love. Half of these will be very obvious if you are following me on Twitter - @BOPAndOthers - others may be a bit of a surprise, but here they are...

1. Dr. Arizona Robbins - Greys Anatomy

Of course she is my favourite character. Period. She is amazing, cute and I just want to be her best friend. God knows, she needs someone! I just love her so freaking much, and whenever she gets screen time (*cough*) I squeal. It does help that she is 1/2 of my OTP, but Az is the best character on Greys Anatomy!

2. Dr. Calliope Torres - Greys Anatomy

I couldn't carry this on without talking about the other half of my OTP. Calliope Torres is a badass chick, that will be severely missed in Season 13. I can't believe Sara is 'taking a break'. I'm happy for her, she wants to pursue something other than Greys constantly, however I am going to miss her and Arizona having around 5 minutes screen time every episode!

3. Helena - Orphan Black

Oh my gosh, Helena is adorable! I don't understand how someone could not love her. She is so innocent that I just want to hug her, even though she could kill you in seconds. Ugh, I cannot describe how much I adore her. 

4. Temperance Brennan - Bones

Bones is the first programme I 'binge watched' before it became a thing. When I had my appendix out, I was at home for 2 weeks recovering, so I just watched Bones near enough the whole time! Temperance has a special place in my heart, she is brilliant at her job, and is so innocent. I love her transformation from uncommunicative, to now having a gorgeous family and a supportive group of friends. I feel like she has come furthest out of all of them!

5. Jack Hodgins - Bones

I will admit Hodgins is the reason I still watch the show. I want to marry Jack Hodgins. He seems like the best husband and is so loving to his family. I have a big soft spot for him especially after 2x09. Please go and watch Bones, just for Jack Hodgins!

6. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

If I could change my life, I would want to be Felicity Smoak. She is the ultimate woman in my opinion. Exceptional at hacking, hilarious, and had (has?) the man of everyones dreams. Plus she is gorgeous!

7. Miranda - Miranda

Miranda is who I now aim to be like. She is hilarious, in a witty British way ;), and somehow makes good of every situation. I love her so much, and just having her around for the past several years, has helped me a ridiculous amount. I just wish Miranda never finished. I will always cry on the final episode. Always. 

8. Agnes Brown - Mrs Browns Boys

It's a man in a dress, I know, but it is quite simply the best comedy sketch ever. Agnes is your typical Irish housewife and is beyond hilarious. I cannot tell you how many times she has had me thinking I had abs after watching! Although she is rude, the innuendos and light hearted banter throughout the show is brilliant. 

9. Henry McCord - Madam Secretary

Okay, apart from that he is gorgeous - but 60, what!? - he will always have a soft spot for me. Although the show is centered around Elizabeth, Madam Secretary, Henry plays a big role as her husband. He is so passionate, and such a great father. I kinda want him as my husband as well! Can I have both Henry and Jack? Oh and maybe Phil from Modern Family? 

10. Cosima Niehaus - Orphan Black

She's an awesome scientist, that doesn't listen to what everyone thinks. She's exceptional, and at the minute, I just want her to have someone, I want to be her friend! Also, I think I might love characters with abnormal names! Cosima is an awesome name though! 

11. Jane Villanueva - Jane The Virgin

I love Jane a ridiculous amount, even if she did choose the wrong guy! She's dedicated, and loving, and everything I want to be when I become a mother. She's currently like a role model to me, sure it hasn't been easy for her - it's a telenova, of course there's always drama - but she has coped and is awesome at everything! 

12. Alex Danvers - Supergirl

Alex may be one of the most un-relatable characters. I mean she is sister to Supergirl! She was brought up in a house where there was a superhero! Oh, and she also works for the Department of Extra Normal Operations (D.E.O). She is brilliant though, and the actress is brilliant! If you didn't know, Alex is played by Chyler Leigh, who happens to have played Lexie Grey in Greys Anatomy. I won't lie, she is the reason I started to watch it in the first place and I'm so glad I did!

13. Moira Isles - Rizzoli & Isles

Moira is so innocent, and cute, and I just want to keep her safe from everyone out there! Of course I love Jane, but for some reason Moira sticks out a lot more to me! She is amazingly brilliant, and I absolutely adore her! Can we also talk about her and Ken? Totally shipping them two! #Koira4Eva! 

14. Mike Baxter - Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is one of my comfort shows. It's something I watch if I want something to laugh, or I just want something on in the background. It's hilariously witty, and although many don't like it because it talks of a few taboo subjects, it is my sense of humour. That is what my humour is: dark, witty and dry. It's not a show for everyone, but god, I do love Mike Baxter. He has a lovely family, and is brilliant! 

15. Cordelia Foxx - American Horror Story: Coven

Cordelia Foxx is my favourite character from American Horror Story, ever. After watching the Coven series, I instantly re-watched it! It's my favourite season, it's a lot less dark than the others. Cordelia is the perfect 'Witch' teacher. She adores her girls, and yet is such a badass. Plus her mum is Jessica Lange! Whoa! Could it get any better? 


Who're your favourite characters? Comment them and the show down below!



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