Thursday, December 01, 2016

*Switches off Merry Christmas Everyone, hides Christmas Playlist*

It's finally December, meaning we can celebrate Christmas properly now! Woo!

November has not been a great month for me. I've lost Bear, been stressed over everything, and I've not been feeling all that well! So instead of doing a Monthly Favourites, I thought I would talk about everything I've loved this month. 


As cliche it is, I've been obsessed with Christmas music! As soon as it turned November 1st, I had my Christmas Playlist on! It's something I've always loved, and it constantly makes me happy! I can be in a crappy mood, and yet as soon as any song from Michael Buble's Christmas album, or Pentatonix's, I will be singing and dancing along! 

Here are a couple of my favourite songs:

1. Winter Wonderland / Don't Worry Be Happy - Pentatonix
2. Cold December Night - Michael Buble
3. Only You (Feat. James Corden) - Kylie Minouge
4. Christmas Lights - Coldplay
5. Lonely This Christmas - Mud
6. Hallelujah - Pentatonix


Ever since Jeremy Clarkson left Top Gear, and him, James May and Richard Hammond announced they were making a new show with Amazon, I've been ecstatic to watch it! Top Gear was a show that became a tradition to watch on Sundays, that was until Chris Evans took over. The reason we watched Top Gear was to see the three mess around, as they have the exact type of humour as I do - dark and sarcastic! 

I will admit there are moments when they are trying to hard, however most of the time, I absolutely love it! It still has the witty commentary that I loved before, as the brilliant cut scenes. I can't wait to see what this show evolves to! 


I've loved flying the birds this month. I will admit, when Bear passed away, I was in a bad place, I felt un-motivated with the birds. After about a week, I decided to put my vest back on, and fly them all. I had a mini break-down whilst picking it up. If I were to have done that last month, a certain needy Barn Owl would have seen me straight away, and started to go mental, wanting to be flown first. It broke my heart, knowing that would not ever happen again. I wouldn't have an over excited Bear jumping, needing me to know that he wanted to fly! 

It's be amazing flying the birds again, though. It's hard with the early nights, but when I do get a chance to, I adore it. I've been mostly working on keeping Louie up, and training with Tobi a bit more. The bond that I have with Louie, is strengthening every day, and it's something that makes my world light up. 

I've also been loving Scooby and Bubba a lot more this month - not to say I don't love them all equally, and constantly, they're my babies - they have really helped me get through this month. When something bad happens, I tend to bottle everything up, but I've learnt that it's amazing to talk to one of the birds. They can't respond, and it's nice to just talk about it, with no reaction. Scooby has been my rock for many years, and I will always treasure our relationship, but lately Bubba has been my little 'pebble'. He's been perfect, and has helped keep my mind positive, instead of falling back down the pit.


Finally, I've loved more and more, and missed more than anything, is my darling Bear. His passing hit me so hard, as it was just so unexpected. He was a spoilt rotten little owl, but he was absolutely perfect in every way, and I cannot say how much I miss his little talking. I keep catching myself wanting to talk to him, or trying to go into his aviary. It's hard, but I'm coping. Just. He was my everything, and for the past couple weeks, I've felt simply like a zombie walking. I don't know what I want to do, I don't understand what's happening. I'm lost. 

Losing Bear, has made me voice my love for the other birds a lot more. I constantly want them to know how much I love them. They may not voice it back, but they definitely show it. Working with Birds of Prey is incredible, and the bond you develop is outstanding. It's an unbreakable chain, which unfortunately has to come to an end. Bear's came way too soon, and I will constantly miss him. 


That's a few of the things I've loved from November. What things have you loved? Comment them down below, or tweet them to me →



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