MY 2016 RECAP!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Thank God you are finally coming to a close! Woah, that was a close one. I really didn't think we would make it to the end! 

In some ways, I'm glad of what 2016 brought me. In most ways, I'm not. I feel like I got dealt a very bad hand this year, and I'm hoping that 2017 will offer me a lot more!


Thank you 2016, for giving me a liccle bean. I will never be able to repay you for everything that giving me Bubba has done. He has brought so much happiness, and joy into my dark world, and I love him so incredibly much! If you want to see more of him, check this video: Meet Owlando. I am forever grateful to whoever gave me this little fella!

This year was also the first year I got my own Harris Hawk! Pleased to say, he is one of my best purchases! He's fab, and exactly what I've needed since Bear passed. He's turned into one of my rocks, and I want to make sure that he is as happy as he can be! 

Although, you have kinda wrecked my schedule! In the past couple of weeks, everything has been mad in the Falconry World! If you didn't know, an outbreak of Avian Flu was found in England, so as a precaution, everyone has stopped hunting and flying with wild birds so as not to catch the horrible disease! Some idiots are exactly proceeding with caution though! I've been very hesitant to try and do anything with the birds - so they've been happy in their aviaries, getting fed up! 


I really, truly just want to say... SCREW YOU 2016! You were meant to be the year that Bear and I really got into the swing of things! Just as we start heading towards that, you rip him away from me. I've never been more devastated over losing a bird - it was horrific. After losing Bandit that same week, we knew the one thing it had to be. Fireworks. On Guy Fawkes night, we had a lot of fireworks around our garden. We were not pre-warned about this. During the 'spectacle' of the big fireworks, they started coming over the garden! I was livid - and still am. These people paid over £100 for fireworks that literally lasted around 3/4 hour for their kids to be amazed. In the process of this happening, we lost two of our gorgeous Barn Owls. I also haven't heard the wild Tawny Owls since.

My Bear 💕

Smokey and Bandit as babs. Bandit was less than a year when he passed away. 

Can we just - please - ban fireworks!? I do not see the point in them. They last mere seconds, they scare children and pets! Most importantly though, they scare our wildlife. We know what day it is, so know how to avoid them. Wildlife have no idea. Please think of them first. 


2016 has been a year of deaths for everyone. I've lost a lot of family members, and of course Bear this year. We've also lost so many icons and idols this year. It was a year of constant mourning. I will always remember this year - but in lots of ways I will hope I can forget it. 


2017. A fresh start. New chapters of life. I don't want my final post of 2016 to be sad. I want to make sure I can kickstart 2017 with only 'Good vibes'! 2017 will be my year of happiness. I will put all my cards out, and just hope for the best. Goodbye 2016. 



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