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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I have many favourites at the minute... My MacBook, Snapchat, History.

Though today, I'm going to be talking about my favourite types of Birds of Prey. I have a fondness of  Barn Owls and Snowy Owls, as they are two of my lovely birdies. I also have a big attraction to Falcons! I love them so much it's unbelievable, the Peregrines, who's speed fascinates me, and the wonderful range of Gyr/Saker falcons. 

We had a Gyr/Pere/Saker Falcon called Bluefoot, a Lanner Falcon called Nickel and a Saker Falcon called Maverick. Though I loved them all lots, it was hard to keep all the birds and so we unfortunately had to cut down. We currently have a Gyr/Saker Falcon called Jaroody, who is stunning. He is a lovely little chap, however can turn quite quickly, but when he's lovely, he's gorgeous. Although, he does happen to hate our big Golden Retriever, Jester. 

Jaroody - Gyr/Saker Falcon
I also love Eagles. I love that they are so big, regal and majestic. It's amazing to see them fly. I just love the White Tailed Sea Eagle, Golden Eagle, Tawney Eagle and the Chilean Blue Eagle. They are wonderful birds, but unfortunately they are just too big! It would take a lot of time and management to be able to keep one, and I just don't have much of either of them at the minute.

Falcons and Eagles have always had my interest but recently I have become more inclined to Owls. I don't know why, but I love them more than I love most things. 

There are the obvious favourites: Barn Owl, Snowy Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, European Eagle Owl.

But then there are all the other ones that just amaze me. I am in love with the Asian Brown Wood Owl, it is such a gorgeous owl that I just want 100 of them. I am also in love with the Spectacled Owl. The big yellow eyes in the big white rings around the eyes. I also love these birds because they are quite big birds, making them more appealing to me.

I don't just love big birds, I also love the small little ones. I love our White Faced Scops Owl, Yoda, or as I call her 'Baba'. They have huge yellow/orange eyes that look too big for their face, and they contrast well with the grey and white feathers. I am also totally in love with Burrowing Owls, the 'Little Owl on stilts'. They are adorable, and surprisingly fast!!

What's your favourite Birds of Prey? Vulture? Eagle? Owl? Falcon? Kestrel?

I'll speak to you later guys! Byeeeeee <3

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