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Friday, April 03, 2015

I have had birds for most of my life. I think I was around 9 when we got our first bird. Since then, we have had lot's of different birds needing different types of attention, training and love. I feel like since having the birds, there has been a big change in my life. 


Although we never really used to go on holiday, we no longer can. There are not many Bird Day Cares around, which makes it hard for us to even consider holidays. Up until the past year, I wasn't as involved in putting the birds in and out, but because of family issues, me and my sister have had to step up. During this time, I was unfortunately going through my GCSE exams, so it was a pretty rough period for me. This meant that I had to put the birds in and out everyday, fortunately I was on study leave for some of it, whilst trying to revise and de-stress. Basically, it wasn't the best time. Looking back at it now, I am happy it all happened though. I feel like I got to spend more time with the birds and just re connect with them. 

Since we have taken over, we quickly realised that 25 birds was not a sustainable number considering we were both still 'in school'. So in a matter of 2 months, we had managed to downsize from 25 to 10. It was a very sad moment having to say goodbye to them all, as most we had had from young, or spent lots of time with. 

Having 10 birds, meant that we could build new bigger avaries for them. This was my mums task during summer through to November. We have quite a long garden, and most of the space was the birds, with a length of grass for the dog. Now, we have put stones over 1/2 the garden, as it's easier to clean and looks better than tatty grass, with 10 avaries built over. To be honest, it is exactly what we all wanted. It looks much better than it did a year ago, and is much easier to manage.

A down side to having birds is that you cannot lay in! During the week days when my sister is a school, the birds are put out around 7:15, unless it is too cold. Then they are left till 8 when it has warmed up a little, and I put them out. Then at night, we try to put them in around 7 in the winter, as it is dark and cold, and we don't want the birds out in them conditions. These times normally change during summer as we get more daylight. 

Having birds is not easy, it is very hard work. We try to dedicate every Saturday or Sunday morning to cleaning out the birds and giving them some time out on the patio (It's too cold to give them baths at the minute). Please if you are looking into buying a Bird of Prey, realise that they are not pets. They can still act like wild animals and do bite.

(If you would like me to do a beginners guide to getting a bird, comment below!)

Though all these things are cons to the birds. I have to say there are lots of pros.

They are stunning. I personally think all Birds of Prey are stunning creatures, they just amaze me with everything they do. I adore when they are flying, especially the Barn Owls because they have silent flight. 

They are very loving. If you give your love to them, they will give it back. They do need to know who is Boss, but they will quickly accept you as the higher rank as long as you do not show fear. 

Hope this is of use to someone!! Until next time...


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