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Although I am only 16 (Very nearly 17!), I have some great recommendations for people! My family have pretty good taste in films, and music, and I was able to experience it all growing up! If you are looking for some new material I am here to provide for you! If not, sorry ;-)

Let's kick it off with some old films! If you have yet to watch any of these below, I would recommend leaving this webpage as soon as possible and watching them!

Mrs Doubtfire - If you have not watched this, you must have been deprived as a child. This was and still is my childhood favourite film. It has the late Robin Williams, and is B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T! It's such a light comedy, and with Robin no longer with us, it means so much more to me! Whenever it is on, I cannot help but watch it - The best!

Sister Act 1 & 2 - Same with these films, Whoopi Goldberg is just incredible and I can't help but sing along! It too is a comedy, but mixed with lots of singing and 90's style! I'm a huge fan of the movies, but not a fan of the clothes! Especially the huge jeans, the disgusting patterned jumpers and the full denim dungarees! 

Space Jam - A fantastic film for children who know Looney Tunes! Also has Michael Jordan in, I mean, it's perfect. Quite hard to find, but is normally on TV over holiday breaks!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie - Okay, this one is more for the younger ones! It's brilliant, however I would recommend watching the programme before watching the film or else it could get a little confusing! But watching this made me ecstatic when I went to Italy. All the girls believed we were going to be like Lizzie while roaming around Rome, aha. It was pretty funny to be honest!

Hook - Another Robin Williams film, but genuinely prefer this to Peter Pan! I think it has a great cast, and I dunno, it's just amazing, yeah, go and watch it now!

Look Who's Talking/Look Who's Talking Too/Look Who's Talking Now - Trilogy following a family where the children and then dogs talk giving a very funny commentary to their otherwise normal life!

How I feel when Jasmine annoys me!

Beethoven & Beethoven 2nd - A lovely 'two-part' film all about a Saint Bernard and his new family, and the trouble they get in. Highly recommend if you love little puppies, or have dealt with such big dogs! It will have you cry laughing! 

Parent Trap - Now, I'm talking the Lindsay Lohan one! Aka, the best one! I have to say, it really made me want to go to Summer camp in America and see if I had a long lost twin ;-)!

If you want anymore, I would suggest looking at this list. It is a quiz, but makes a perfect list of some good ol' classics: 90's Kids

Here are some of my more recent recommendations:

Maze Runner - I watched this by accident tbh, aha. I was just looking for a good film to watch, and accidently clicked on this film. I loved it though, I wasn't sure what to expect as I haven't read the books, nor had I read the description, but it was amazing. It made me want to read the books aswell (which I happened to purchase at the weekend)! 

Guardians of the Galaxy - I know it's not really a recent one, but I really liked it. I have to say Groot was my favourite character, even though he only had one line throughout! I loved the soundtrack, there were some great songs! But, ultimately, Chris Pratt <3! 

Although I love watching a film, I would much happier sit down and watch a TV programme! Here's some of my favourites:

Miranda - I don't think you know of this programme if you are out of the UK, but it's a very funny Sitcom written by and starring the wonderous Miranda Hart. It has now finished, on it's 3rd Series, and I couldn't be more devastated. It's the perfect little comedy, and always used to make my Mondays! 

Mrs Browns Boys - Again, I think this is more of a British programme, but if you can watch it, I highly advise you to. It is the more witty comedy than other programmes, but is excellent!

Excuse the language!

Modern Family - Pretty sure everyone knows of this programme? Hilarious, and really really easy to get into and attached! It's only 30 minutes, but somehow they pack in a huge storyline! Just brilliant, completely and utterly brilliant.

Mike & Molly - Melissa McCarthy. <- Need I say more?! It is a programme featuring one of my ultimate actresses? What more could a girl want? Kinda similar to Modern Family, but is more for the more mature :-) but yeah, highly recommend!

Bones - Got into this because of my old science teacher, who once showed us the pilot, and since then have watched all 9 other seasons, and currently on season 10. I love the storylines, they are awesome, and really made me want to be an anthropologist! 

Finally, Grey's Anatomy - Obviously. This is my recent favourite and the one I am more attached to. Just.... Please go and watch just one episode, and if you are intrigued by it, carry on, it's definitely a programme we should all watch at some point in our lives, and is one that will hopefully carry on for a few more years to come!

"Sexual Sorbet? HA" - Drunk Bailey, ladies and gents!

So yeah, that's my recommendations for you. If you have any for me, please leave them below, I love to find new things to watch! Until next time,

Signing off,


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