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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Click. Wait. What's this? Oh, Blogger? It's been too long old friend! 

Guys, I am so sorry, it has been far too long since I last published something! But I now have a new computer so there will hopefully be much more posts in the future! Did you miss me? ...Ugh, of course!!

Has it really been 2 months?! Holy crap. Well, as you can guess a LOT has happened in these past 2 months. Let me try to catch you up!

1. Griff.

Griff is our new puppy. He is a Border Collie and is currently 16 weeks. He is such a gorgeous boy, and is a great addition to our family. We've had to adapt to having a puppy, after having quite a lazy dog for the past 12 years, but it's been fun. He's currently still biting and a general pain. However, he is quickly learning tricks, and becoming much more obedient. He loves going out on walks, and loves meeting new dogs and people. Not a big fan of cars, but we have recently learned that is common with Border Collies. He is my new buddy, and I love him unconditionally. He is so hard to take pictures of though, he is constantly moving and KEEPS GROWING!! I swear he grows an inch onto his legs with each passing night! 

2. Putting Jester down. 

Unfortunately, we had to make the very difficult decision of whether to put Jester down or not. Jester was our loyal 12 year old Golden Retriever, who wasn't the most energetic of dogs, but definitely the kindest. He was so gorgeous, and loving, even if he didn't always show it! He had a good 12 years, but in the end, he just couldn't move, and we couldn't stand to watch him suffer. In the end,  we decided that the kindest option was to put him down and send him up to the pearly gates. He will, and already is, being sorely missed by everyone. It is weird going back to one dog, after having two for a couple of weeks. RIP my old buddy.
3. Becoming addicted. 

With Grey's Anatomy currently in hiatus, (Coming back 24th September for Season 12!!!! AAAAAH!), I have had to find a new programme to watch. UK Netflix isn't that great, but I am so happy that it has Once Upon A Time. I have only recently started watching it in the past week or two, but I am already on Season 3 and LOVING it. It's awesome, it's not at all what I expected, but I find that I want to just keep watching episode after episode. I love the way they are crossing the characters stories, and trying to include as many traditional fairy tales as possible. Just, everyone should go and at least give one episode a go! 

4. Bee Orchids.

Where my Gramp goes for a walk, we happened upon some Orchids a year ago. Then we noticed there were some different ones, that were very different to the other 'Common' ones. We looked it up, and found out they were Bee Orchids. Luckily, this year, we found them again, and there were lots! They weren't as big as the ones from last year, however there were like 10x more. They are currently my favourite flower, and although they are hard to take pictures of, they are absolutely stunning. Verry hard to find though, very hard!

'Common' Orchid
5. Birds. 

Not having a laptop, means I have more spare time to go out and spend with the birds. I wasn't cooped up inside, I was outside messing about with one of the birds, whether that was holding them, giving them baths, taking walks, and we've had a few shows and weddings. I adore spending time with my little ones, they make my day. 

6. Music

I have found so many new songs, and am head over heels in love with them all. Here's a small list of them:

  • Waiting For The Dawn - The Mowgli's
  • Say It, Just Say It - The Mowgli's
  • San Fransisco - The Mowgli's
  • Hi, Hey There, Hello - The Mowgli's
  • Country Girl (Shake It For Me) - Luke Bryan
  • Drunk On You - Luke Bryan
  • Rumours - Jake Miller
  • Lightening - Alex Goot
Basically, I am obsessed with The Mowgli's. Go listen to all their songs, NOW.

If you have any requests for blog posts, please comment them down below. Otherwise, I will see you all tomorrow. 

Au revoir mes amis.


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