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Saturday, October 24, 2015

This week is a significant week for any Grey's Anatomy fan. This week was the famous awkward dinner party episode, but more importantly, it was their 250th episode. This is a HUGE deal. I don't think people realise how big this is. Most people don't expect for TV Shows to carry on past their 10th season. GA is currently on it's 12th, and I couldn't be more proud. 

This may sound strange, I mean I only started watching this programme last year. Since then, I have watched every episode as least twice ;-)! 

Grey's Anatomy has given me so much. It has inspired me in many ways, and given me something, which is sometimes comical, sometimes sad, but mostly thought-provoking. It has changed my views, and solidified some. I honestly now cannot visualise not having Grey's in my life. When I started watching, I wasn't in a good place. I wanted to start a TV show that would let me step out of my horrible mess of a life, and become involved with a characters (or in this case, several). The storylines are so amazing, and they've allowed me to focus on the characters. It was exactly what I needed. It still is. It may not seem like it sometimes, as I do complain frequently about Calzona storylines, and how they're not back together yet! However much I do complain, I still do adore the show. The characters, the storylines, the writers, and most importantly the actors and actresses that play our favourite characters. 

I cannot get my head around the fact that there has been 250 episodes. Yet, it never gets boring. I'm someone who supports most of the ships on the show, so I don't ever find a scene boring. Believe me, supporting the ships, is much better than just solely watching for one. Calzona will forever be my OTP, but I can sit and appreciate the storylines with Omelia/Amen, Japril, Jolex, Miranda and Ben, Maggie and DeLuca (SPOILER). I do sometimes find points to be a bit OTT, however it's a soap that has to have drama. It's expected. 

For example, this whole dinner party. 


I expected Penny. I think we all expected Penny. Penny, as in Penny who 'killed' Derek. Technically, she didn't. She just didn't advocate for her patient as much as she should have. However, to all the MerDer ships out there, she will always be known as the doctor who killed McDreamy. 

I found the whole episode amazing. It was so expertly done, and it all worked perfectly. I loved how there was only 1 song, to help show the emotions of the characters a lot more. I also think the song they chose was perfect, and it was put in the right scene... couldn't have been done better. 

Can we please talk about Caterina Scorsone's acting. It blew me away. She is such a talented actress, and the scene after:
"Perfect Penny killed my husband."
Wow. The emotions I felt, and were shown on the screen were just...outstanding. When she demanded to know what his last words were, I broke down. I was sat in my bed, staring at my laptop and my phone, sobbing. It was such a moving scene, and was ahh! I can't explain it. Amazing. 
@HelloJerrika - "Drunk Robbins is the only Robbins." 

Jerrika pretty much summed it up. Seeing Arizona drunk, was hilarious. It something I could watch all day. Something I couldn't, was how well she got along with Penny. She had so much in common with her, that you can't help but think that Callie chose her because she reminded her of Arizona. Except, not as pretty, obviously ;-). I loved the one liners, and her overall demeanour. It fitted it all, so well. It is also pretty obvious that Arizona is still in love with Callie, which we have seen since the start of Season 12. Jealous Arizona is hilarious, but also unneeded. 

I'm quite annoyed with the writers. It seems like at the minute, Callie cannot be happy for more like 5 minutes. Although I don't like Penny, she makes Callie happy. That is all that Calzona shippers care about at the minute. We want to see both women happy. They may not be together at the minute, however they are made for each other. They will come back together at some point. They needed to find themselves. I believe that once Callie sees Arizona move on, she will realise that Arizona is her happy ending. Oh, and can we also go over how Penny calls Callie 'Calliope'. What? This is a Calzona thing. We all know this. The only difference between it, is that Penny uses it as a joke. Whereas when Arizona said it in the episode, it was said so lovingly, and always has been. 


If you are not following any of the cast on Twitter, then you probably won't know about #GAGreenScreen250. This is a thing that the cast came up with to give something back to the fans. They told us that they had lots of spare time filming for 12x05, and were 'kept' in a room with a huge green screen. They decided to pose for famous movie posters, and we had to edit them into either the real ones or make funny spoofs. We had all weekend, and the winners would be chosen and sent a poster signed by all the cast. So I might have decided to do one...

"Kronk, I mean Justin! Pull the lever!"
This is just one of the reasons I love the cast. They are incredible. Absolutely incredible. 

I am unbelievable happy that Grey's Anatomy has carried on for 250 episodes. I'm so grateful for Shonda Rhimes for creating this masterpiece. 

I love Grey's Anatomy, and am like a proud mother. 

Let's cheers to 250 more episodes filled with drama. *clinks glass with myself*


If you have a spare moment, why not check out this video: Grey's Anatomy // 250th Special. It's a lovely tribute to the 250 episodes. 


Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? If so, who's your favourite character? Mine is Dr. Arizona Robbins. Who couldn't not love her? ;-)


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