October Goals

Friday, October 09, 2015

Recently, I've been trying to get either daily tasks or weekly tasks for myself. Let's just say they haven't gone all that well. So I am going to write and post a set of goals for myself for the next month! Hope this works!

1. Play the ukulele more. 

Over the past couple of days, I've brought my ukulele back into my life. It used to mean so much to me, and then for some reason I just stopped. I haven't touched it for the past 2 years? Gotta say it took me a while to get back into it. I also forgot just how loud they are! But I love my uke. I used to take it to school everyday, so I could play with my best friend. Those were some of my best memories. Even though, I was the weird kid walking around school with a ukulele, and more often than not, tennis balls in my pocket! I was the coolest kid around ;-)! 

2. Keep my room clean.

I've just re-done my room. I got a new bed, changed the colour scheme, and got new furniture. There isn't much you can really do with my room, it's quite literally a box, however it's lovely! I'm so pleased with it. I will admit I hate having a messy room, but having to clean my room everyday is not something I want to do. I either get distracted or frustrated, there is no in between. 

3. Do more exercise. 

I do workout, but it's usually little at home ones. I want to start jogging, and cycling, I want to start going out on longer walks and start to tone up my arms, legs and stomach! Anyone got any advice?

4. Man Remi completely. 

I feel like I am making progress with my little man, but sometimes I feel it's not fast enough. Manning is a long process. Especially with a Parent Reared bird. I just can't wait for him to properly recognise me as 'Mum' or as a friend. He's already my little baby, I just need for him to accept this fact. The birds needs always come first, and I hope Remi comes around soon, so we can start training asap!

5. Be happier.

Being happy is something that I sometimes take for granted. My life may not be perfect, in fact it's very far from that. However I want to remain positive. I feel like I owe it to myself to try and see the positive in a situation. You always have a choice. You have the choice to let the negativity of something bring you down, or make you try to either advance or grow from it. I think this Blog has definitely made me happier. It's given me somewhere I can write about the happier things, it's given me an outlet. 

Happiness is a choice - Shay Carl


I know this may seem a bit late, I mean it's the 9th October! But I felt like I had to take some time to think of what stuff I want to achieve. Do you set yourself goals? If so, what kind? Daily, weekly, monthly, annually? 


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