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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Autumn is upon us. I don't know how it happened, but it has. In the UK, it has started to get much more chilly, which I love and hate. I'm a big person for long sleeved shirts, layers, and scarfs/snoods! However it also means, unless I want to freeze to death, I can't always sit outside with the birds. 

Sundays are, as I've stated before, my favourite day of the week. It's the day to relax. It's the day I like to just take out and look at other things to do. I find new apps to try, new music to listen to, new films to watch and new blogs. Sunday is also the day Once Upon A Time is on, as well as - with the Season 2 premiere tonight - Madam Secretary!!! 

Sunday is a day to reflect on your week. 

My week has been hectic. I've been trying to get Remi out on the grass or on the fist as much as possible, to help the manning process. Over this past week, I feel like we've bonded a lot more, he lets me stroke him, he talks to me. He's a lovely bird now, but I know that I haven't yet earned all his trust, not quite yet. 

I've been out driving this week, with a passenger that isn't just my mum. On Wednesday, I drove us to my grand-parents house, which is about half an hour away, and although I did stall a couple times due to being in the wrong gear, I think it went pretty well. We were going through town, at around half 4, so it was pretty busy! But we survived! 

Thursday, the 1st October, was Jasmine's Birthday! She turned 16, and unfortunately, we didn't get to spend that much time with her! She only had a half day at school, but had to be back up at 5pm for Open Evening. I saw her for roughly 3 hours throughout the actual day, my mum saw her even less. She's such an awkward person to buy for, so we decided money was the better option. She had already decided to go shopping on Saturday with her friends! 

Ooh, also on Thursdays now, me and mum will sit down and watch The Mysteries of Laura, and this week also BONES! Aaah! Both of these, are shows we started watching together, Bones, we have now been watching for 5 years, and Mysteries of Laura, only started last year. It's just something nice for me and my mum to share! Thursday is also #TGIT, which if you are in Europe wanting to watch #TGIT with the Americans, it's more like #TGIF! I set my alarm to go off at 1am, so I could livestream and livetweet, however for some stupid reason it didn't go off. I woke up at half 3, like what?! Grey's Anatomy this week, was amazing! Bailey, Jade! Calzona? Japril? Everything was amazing, and as usual Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez looked stunning throughout the whole episode! #WCE

Jasmine had a friend stay over on Friday night, and then we took her and three of her friends shopping in Bicester! If you want a way to annoy your sister and her friends, I've learnt a valuable lesson: Play Combine Harvester - The Wurzels full blast, whilst singing along in a country accent! It's absolutely hilarious! I will admit, it took a knock at my dignity a little, I mean I'm the cool older sister ;-), but I'm a die hard Wurzel fan! I couldn't help myself. We also went for a Toby Carvery, which is the most delicious thing ever. 

Today has been the day, when I've been able to lay in bed, and also lay out and enjoy the sun before it goes again! One thing I am not looking forward to, is being able to just go out with a cardigan, instead of a jacket, and being warm enough! Oh, and the fact that it is now getting dark around 7, I am really not a fan of. Not at all!

How's your week been? 


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