Wednesday, November 18, 2015

18th November 2015


Today is a special day. Might not be for everyone. However, it is to me. 

Today, my little man turns one. ONE. 

Just as I was getting used to telling people he was 11 months, he's going to be a year old. When did my little buddy grow up? 

I picked him up on the 13th December 2014. It was the greatest decision I've ever made. 

Without Breeze, I felt like there was a big hole missing. I missed her - still do, every single day - and I knew I missed having a Barn Owl. They are such gorgeous creatures, and (in my opinion) have the best personalities. When we picked him up, he was only 3 1/2 weeks old. 

As you can see in the picture, he didn't look much like a Barn Owl - he didn't look much like anything! He was a tiny, tiny, ball of white down. If you don't know, Barn Owl's grow around their face. They gradually add more feathers - as you will see - and become to look a lot more 'Barn Owl' like! 

It was tough. He was essentially a newborn. Constantly being fed, went everywhere with me, and would sleep anywhere he could - at anytime! 

He was, in some days, my only light. He was my little buddy who was in my room, so I could constantly cuddle with him. It was wonderful. I do miss him not being in my room, and more importantly, in the stage where cuddles were essential. He would just get comfortable somewhere on my chest or stomach and lay down. It was a lovely experience and something I will always treasure. 

They're not the cutest of babies, I've got to admit!

Excuse my face, and the text. This is how he would sit every chance he could get!

His first steps!

With every passing day, Bear would grow more feathers, grow more adventurous, and grow more into my Bear I know and love now. 

He was still my little poof ball though!

We quickly learnt this was his favourite place to perch on - my knee!

Somehow, his fluffy white down 'feathers' turned into real ones...

Bear's best angle ;-)

Then one day, he lost all his baby fluff, and he was a fully fledged Barn Owl. He was and still is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. 

After losing Breeze, I was hoping and wishing Bear was a boy. For a week or two, it seemed like he was going to be a girl, he had a few spots on his stomach. Spots = Girl. No spots = Boy. Fortunately, there were no more spots! Bear was my little boy, and I was overjoyed!

He is the most beautiful creature I know. 

He was around 8-10 weeks, when we first went on a walk. Another day I will never forget. I finally got the chance to show off my gorgeous boy, and it was brilliant to just take him out. It quickly became our favourite thing. 

I'm so, so happy with the amount of progress we've made. Both together, and apart. He is everything I wished for and more. He's my best friend, and I hope me and him enjoy lots more years to come. 

I still cannot get over that my baby is one. 

This is him now.

After Breeze, I didn't think I had it in me to love another Barn Owl. However, I think it has made me appreciate Bear more. Breeze helped me through much, and made me learn so much. I feel much more experienced now, and I thank Breeze for that everyday. I'm so blessed to have this man in my life. We have this lovely connection, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

So Happy Birthday my little man. I love you beyond words...


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