Sunday, March 06, 2016

If you've read some of my previous blog post, you will know that I have been obsessed with lots of things. Whether it's new music, YouTubers, Blogs, 'Instagramers' or TV shows. One of the TV shows I have become obsessed with is Arrow. I am in love. It's complicated, but perfect. 

If you have not heard or watched Arrow before, it is about Oliver Queen who gets deserted on an island for 5 years, and is brought back into 'real' life and has to deal with his new found 'hobby'. It's a very strange programme to describe! Oh, and it's also a DC show, which means superheroes! 

Here are 8 reasons you need to start watching Arrow!

1. Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell plays the breathtaking handsome Oliver Queen. I mean, if this isn't a reason to watch the show, I'm not sure what is! Girls, just so you know, he takes his shirt off fairly often, oh and works out during the episode - *heart eyes* - I mean, come on!

He is also an incredible actor, and has had some very complex storylines that he has played so amazingly well!

2. Felicity Smoak

Felicity might just be my favourite character in a TV show. She's pretty tied up at the top with Arizona Robbins! 

I don't think I can express how much I love Felicity. She is everything I want to be. She is pretty, hilarious, and a badass at everything! Oh, and she's also a genius when it comes to computers/hacking! Literally, all I've ever wanted to be. 

Not only is it Felicity I love, I love Emily Bett Rickards. She is such a talented actress and she portrays Felicity in the best way possible! You can't have a loveable character without having a loveable actor/actress to portray them!

3. They're Superheroes

This is often debated. Some call them superheroes, some don't. They don't have any super powers, but they are out saving civilians, and helping save their city!

It is an adaptation on the DC comics, so they are kinda superheroes. Them not having super powers, makes me love them even more. They are just normal humans, who have trained a certain way and can do all this cool stuff without having to fly, or have fire shoot from their hands. It's a bit more realistic, to a point. 

4. The Flash Origins

During Season 2 of Arrow, Barry was introduced and made people fall head over heels. He became a much loved character and has now got his own show, Flash. It's an amazing show, and there are often cross overs between Arrow and Flash. Another incredible show!

5. The Villains

I love Villains. There is something that just draws me into them. Arrow has had some both terrifying, but awesome villains! 

Billy Wintergreen
Count Vertigo
Isabel Rochev
Nyssa Al Ghul

Although these haven't all been main villains, they've had amazing performances!

6. Archery

I've been a fan of Archery for so long, and this show has made me wish I could be an Archer even more! Anyone wanna go do some? I want to be able to shoot tennis balls! 

7. The 'Sidekicks'

Every superhero has to have a sidekick. The 'Green Arrow' is no different. I don't want to give the plot away, or show you many new-ish characters, but I will mention one name: John 'Diggs' Diggle. He may or may not be a sidekick... Diggle is one of my favourite characters - alongside Felicity - he's such a great guy, and I've loved him from his first appearance! 

Oh, he's also super, super buff, did I not mention that?

8. They like to confuse you.

It is a confusing show. There are so many flashbacks, and they can lead onto other episodes or stop. Although it is confusing, it makes me love it more, it has that extra sense of mystery. For example, what are all the scars on Oliver's body, what happened in the 5 years Oliver was gone, who was John Diggle before he was with Oliver, who is Felicity. There are so many un-answered questions that really pee me off, but it's something that makes this show that much better. It's not a typical superhero show where you know the good guy is going to kill the bad guy. There's more of a sense of reality. 


If these aren't good enough reasons to watch Arrow, then I don't know what will convince you. It is currently up there with lots of my favourites, e.g Grey's, Modern Family and Bones, Mysteries of Laura, etc. 

Go watch a couple episodes, DO NOT judge it based on the pilot. If I had, I probably wouldn't have carried on watching! Once you've watched it, tell me what you think!



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