Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Setting goals is something I love to do. It's something I constantly try to strive towards and complete. My February Goals...well, they could have gone a lot better! But hey, it's a new month - the 9th already, well done Konnie - so here are my March goals!

1. Get a schedule

I procrastinate. A lot. I'm a person who either does everything all at once, or literally does nothing. However, I'm also a person who loves to be in a schedule. I love knowing what I'm doing and when, so I think it might make me procrastinate less if I set myself a schedule. Now, it's not going to be hour-by-hour, specific times to do certain things, it will be more rough. Basically a list. I'll figure it out as I go on.

2. Eat less junk

Psssh... I never eat junk food! 

... So yeah, I need to figure out my diet. I have stayed away from chocolate, and other crap. However, with Easter coming at the end of the month, I don't think that will last! I have been doing well, if I want a snack I will likely have a banana, or a chunk of cucumber. I'm learning. 

3. Spend more time with family

I think you can figure this one out? I love 'em, so I guess I should spend more time with them?

4. Take more videos

I'm a keen photographer. I love having the memories after the photo is taken. I love taking the walk down memory lane and living out life through pictures. It's one of my favourite things to do. Although, I feel videos are more sentimental. I haven't got any videos of significant things, I tend to capture the moment, than record it. This month, I want to change that! Especially with all the things going on this month!

5. Keep everything tidy!

I'm a messy girl. Until I get stressed, annoyed or have too much to think about. Then I will clean everything. My room is tidy probably 30% of the time, and the number goes up during the summer. My favourite thing to do during Summer nights - as sad as it sounds - is pressure wash. It gives me time to go through my thoughts, give me that 'radio silence' away from everyone. Most of the time, it's my only time on my own. I adore it and cherish it with everything. 


Now that I've let you into a pretty big secret, you can comment below what your goals for March are!



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