Monday, May 09, 2016

It's May already!? Okay, I know it's the 9th, but it's still May! What!? How did this happen? *insert Callie gif*

May is the awkward month, it's starting to feel much warmer, but you know it's still Spring. Exams and SATs happen. It's the month no-one really looks forward to. It's taken me a while to think of what things I want to aim towards this month, and I've finally got it down...

1. Jog at least twice a week and try yoga!

I need to workout a lot more. The area I need to work on the most is my legs, and I feel like starting up jogging again, will hopefully help me out! Also, I've never really done yoga, so I would quite like to give it a try!

2. Film more things!

I take lots of pictures, and they are gorgeous, but I feel there is nothing quite like a video. It helps you go back and relieve every moment again. With the babies, still being babies, I want to keep and treasure these moments!

3. Appreciate the small things more.

I'm someone who can get caught up in the big things. I will worry about how one big thing will pan out, and miss out on small things. I want to make everyday be happier, and I think this could really help me!

4. Sort out my blog.

I'm a mess at the minute, and this is something I enjoy so much, but I feel gets ignored by myself a lot. With the little ones running about, it's hard to find time to sit down and think about blog posts, let alone write one. I will try and get more of a schedule, and make my posts a lot better than they have been!

5. Switch off for at least an hour a day. 

Oh goodness, the amount of time I spend on electric devices is ridiculous. I want to spend more time away from both my laptop and my phone. I don't need them. I can live without them. Just tell that to my hands, that reach out constantly. The birds do help me with this, I cannot spend time flying them and being on my phone! Unless I'm some sort of genius! I want to start spending countless hours away from my phone, and nose deep in a book again. 


Do you have any goals for May? Tell me them below!



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