Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May seems to have been the fastest month so far! It feels like it only just begun! I've had so many lovely things happen in May, and I can't wait to tell you all my favourites!


Earlier in the month, I did a Current Most Played Songs and I will admit, that's basically all I've been listening to!

As Grey's Anatomy is officially on Hiatus now - can we just talk about that 'finale'!? What was that!! Also, Sara's news, I was up at 2am, crying for a solid hour. Season 13 is going to be... pretty crap without Sara Ramirez! Anyway, as Grey's and pretty much every show I'm watching is on Hiatus, I decided to start a new series. 

I had heard lots of good things about several different shows, but eventually ended up on Orphan Black. Woaah! It's intense. I didn't really know what to expect but... I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm currently halfway through Season 3 and loving it!

It is one of the hardest shows to try and explain to someone. It has such a complex storyline, with so many amazing characters! Tatiana Maslany is such an incredible actress, she deserves so many awards! I would really recommend it, but; One, make sure you pay attention to, and Two, get past the first couple episodes! 

With the new Snapchat filters, how can you not love it!? I love it even more because it works on all the Barn Owls, and it's my favourite thing to do!

Add me!

The birds have all been brilliant this month! Smokey has now grown up and is now absolutely stunning! 

She is so hard to take pictures of though! She just won't sit still! Trust me, she is absolutely gorgeous!

I've also been spending a lot of time with a fresh from moult Tobi! His moult went so well, and although his feathers are everywhere, he is looking handsome as ever!


What are your favourites from May? Anything you could recommend for me? 



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