Thursday, June 02, 2016

Scooby, I cannot convey in words how much I love you. 

Today, 2nd June 2016, my gorgeous Snowy Owl turns three. How is my baby three!? When did this happen? 

This stunning girl has changed my life. She has made me become a better and stronger person. I owe her everything

When we got Scoob, she was the most weird looking little ball of grey fluff with bright yellow eyes. I found her stunning, and was instantly hooked. She was mine. She still is. There's not a day that's gone by where I regret having her, or not wanting her. Sure, she may be annoying - especially when it's her 'time of the month' - but she is my annoying little 'Oob! 

Scooby was my rock through most things. I went to her when we had family problems, I went to her when I lose Breeze, I went to her when I finished school, I go to her for lots of different reasons. She's my voice of reason. Although she cannot actually speak, just having her there; letting me cry, letting me talk, just sitting in silence, it helps. I'm glad she doesn't talk because the things I've told her, she would have called someone and sent me to an asylum!

Princess Scooby!
Unless you own a bird, you won't understand the connection and relationship you have with a bird. Everyone talks about their relationships with their dogs, cats or fish (?), but I believe it's much more intense with a bird. You learn their mannerisms, and they learn yours, and you both learn to adapt. It's perfection, and a gorgeous thing to watch. Scooby and I have this connection, it was instantaneous and still hits me every now and then. 

I honestly am not sure what I would do without her. 

Scooby you have put all Snowy Owl stereotypes to shame. You are loving and graceful, although you have your moments, you are one of the best things to ever happen to me. 

Happy Birthday my darlin'! Here's to another 50 more!

With lot's of love, 

Konnie (aka, Momma) 


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