MY 2017 GOALS!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Am I the only one who kinda loves the whole 'New Year, New Me'? I feel like it shows that we are willing to try and change ourselves. We don't necessarily have to suddenly become a new person as soon as it turns midnight! No-one can suddenly change everything about their life, without some big drop. It's all about baby steps. You have to learn to change little things, and then adapt to how that affects you. 

I like to set myself goals - whether that's daily, weekly, monthly or annually - it's something that I can aim towards. I believe this helps me, more than setting resolutions. Plus I get a bit of lee-way ;)! 

I set myself some goals back in 2016, and although I didn't achieve them, I tried to always have them in the back of my mind as my aim. If you've read it, I set myself 5 goals. 


1. See the joy in everyday
2. Seize as many opportunities as possible
3. Embrace my inner nerd
4. Exercise more
5. Pass my driving test


They were general things, that would help improve my life, and make me a happier individual. Although lots of bad things happened last year, I was happy. This year, though, I want to be happier, and care a lot more about myself than everyone else. 

I brainstormed what I wanted from 2017, and it took me a while, but I think I have them. I've decided to make only 3.


1. See the joy in everyday

I loved this goal last year, and I feel like it's something I want to carry over. I want to try and find the joy in my day, and write it down. This will help me relax at the end of the day, by going over my day, and will help me be 'more in the moment'. Sometimes, I overlook minor things, and zone out of how happy this makes me. Whether this is just flying the birds, sitting with them, going for a walk, exercising, anything! I just want to remember that there is something to always be happy about everyday!!

2. Go outside more

I'm my most happiest when I'm outside.

Don't get me wrong, I love sitting inside on my laptop, or watching a show, but I feel happier outside. I can be out on a walk, a run, with the birds, cycling, etc. I adore it. Some days a whole day can go by, and I've been cooped up, and I can feel myself drained!! 

3. Pick up the camera more

Again, another one about happiness. I love being behind the camera taking pictures! I adore trying to capture a certain moment - it's amazingly thrilling! I've also recently started trying to Vlog! I'm still a bit awkward about it, but I kinda love it. I love being able to look back, and see the birds, see what I was doing, see what my day was like. If you would like to see more of my videos, don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

I also adore editing! Whether it's a video, or photo, I love it. I like playing with the different effects, as they completely change your viewpoint of everything!


2017 will be my year of happiness! I can feel it, and I will wish and hope for it to be!

What do you want from 2017? 



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