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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Boys have lots of different traits. They can be hot, but have a crap personality or be alright looking and have the best personality. I have to say there I certain things I love when boys do. Let's talk about that.

1. I absolutely love when guys have a deep voice. Not like Morgan Freeman deep, but like Jude Law. Basically I love Jude Law. Seriously, how can you not? 

The picture speaks for itself.

2. When guys wear suits, with waistcoats. I have to say I love a solid grey suit, but I can appreciate any colour to be quite honest!

3. Can make me laugh. I don't mean like you have to fake a laugh to be nice, I mean laugh till your side hurts. Russell Howard, is immediately more attractive because he can make me laugh! Also, when guys have the same sense of humour as me. I have a very specific sense of humour, and not many agree with me, so it's always nice to find someone who I can enjoy a good joke with. 

4. They have the same music taste as me. My music taste is very wide and broad, but I feel like I can like most music. I feel like I would be able to talk to them more if we liked the same music. 

5. An obvious one but, when they love animals and children. When I see a guy I like, playing with children or animals, it doubles my attraction. Normally, you get to see a new side to them. They bring out a softer side, and it is wonderful to watch that transition. If a guy didn't like animals, i.e. birds, then we wouldn't be compatible. Birds before boys. Always and forever. 

6. Get on with my friends. They don't have to be best friends with them, but at least be able to chat with them and it not be awkward. If he doesn't get the friends stamp of approval then he can bugger off! 

And finally, 7. Have a shared love for walks, photography and gaming. I know there will never be the one person who is interested in all those things at once. But at the minute, they are my favourite things, and when I would be with my beau, these are the things I would like to do. 

Bit of a weird blog post, but I just wanted to get over my love for guys in suits! How can you not, tbh!?!?

Anyway, talk about what you love in the comments. Till next time, 


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