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Friday, January 16, 2015

Hi everyone! So today, I'm going to be doing my Top 10's. My Top 10 favourite books, movies, albums, artists, games, gadgets, etc! So read on if you want something new to do!


My Top 10 Favourite Books

1. Mockingjay - Mockingjay is my favourite of the Hunger Games Trilogy, as there's more action and I found it more interesting!

2. Insurgent - You will have to read Divergent to get it, but it's an amazing book!

3. Divergent - The characters, storyline and everything hooked me from the beginning! Must read for me!

4. The Fault in our Stars - A real tear jerker, as everyone knows by now, but an amazing book, John Green is incredibly talented!

5. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging - This is a perfect book for young teens, you can relate to some of the things and it's just an easy read.

 6. To Kill A Mockingbird - Although I do hate it from studying it so much, it is a great book and a great read. Think everyone should read it at least one in their life!

7. Woman In Black - Please keep in mind that this book is nothing like the recent horror movie with Daniel Radcliffe! That movie was made to be a horror movie and not an accurate representation of the book. Never the less, it is a good book, and the constant cliff hangers will keep you reading on!

8. The Killer Underpants/Neville The Devil - I chose these two as they were my favourite books to read in primary school! They are great books, however, I wouldn't recommend Neville The Devil to anyone younger than 12, it is a very strange book that you have to pay attention to and it gets very very weird quickly. However The Killer Underpants is a great book :-) 

9. Captain Underpants - If you have a child that maybe isn't really interested in reading, more in the pictures. I would recommend any of the books from this series. It is in comic book form, which makes it more fun to read, and has extra parts that make you interact with the book. I have quite a few of the books, and love to read them if I don't want to read something that I have to pay attention to constantly!

10. Any Jacqueline Wilson book - Jacqueline Wilson consisted of 90% of my reading from Year 4 - Year 9. She is a very talented writer, and has so many great books that it's hard to just choose one. Tracy Beaker is a definite stand out for me - obvious right?!

Are any of these on your Top 10? Comment down below!


My Top 10 Favourite Films

1. Tammy - At the minute, this is the one that stands out. Melissa McCarthy is my current favourite actress, and to say I'm not infatuated with her would be a lie. I also love this film because Melissa and her husband Ben Falcone wrote this together and he directed it. It is a 15, so it does have some bad moments and curses quite a lot, but aside from that I think it is just great!

2. Pitch Perfect - Again, more for the older viewers, but in love with the film, the cast and storyline. The music is also amazing - 'cause it's not like I know every word to the songs or anything, nope, definitely not! Pitch Perfect 2 comes out this year aswell which I cannot wait for, it's just going to be amazing!!

3. Skyfall - Best bond film, and just a film that I treasure with my Grand-Father. He loves the Aston Martin DB5, and obviously James Bond, and so having the two re-united again made him very happy - until they blew it up, then he got very mad, oops!

4. Side Effects - Two words. Jude Law. Two more. Channing Tatum. Literally perfect, great storyline, and the characters were amazing. Please just go and watch it!

5. The Holiday - It may be a Christmas film, but could you ask for better actors?! Jude Law, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet. Perfect even if it's not christmas! P.S. Women watch out for Jude Law in glasses, phwoaar!

6. Mrs. Doubtfire - My favourite Robin Williams film, and just a childhood classic. It was always one of my favourite movies, and I have to say now it still is one my favourites. 

7. Santa Claus 2 - Don't care if it's a Christmas film, still amazing! Although I have to admit, it has to be the second one! The first one is good, it's a good introduction to it, two is flawless, and I personally think they over did it in the third one, but that's just personal opinion! Chet is my spirit animal, and I wish I was him/want to have him myself. 

8. Quartet - I honestly didn't think I would like this film, but it stunned me how much I loved it. I don't want to reveal much, but it's about a retired quartet meeting in a retirement home for the musically talented. Perfect and a great watch. 

9. Beauty and the Beast - Haven't watched in years but just from constantly watching it with my grand-parents it has a very special place in my heart.

10. Frozen - I mean how can you not love Sven or Olaf. Also, how can you not want to sing a long to the songs! May seem a bit lame, but I adore it and I will always sing a long to it!


My Top 10 Favourite TV Programmes

1. Mike & Molly - Addicted. No other words, just pure hilariousness (not sure that that's a real word, oops). Basically amazing and please go and watch just the pilot, you will then understand. 

2. Bones - I got into this quite a few years ago, and now my mum is hooked. We are currently on Series 10, and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. I adore the characters and all their different personalities, love the actors portraying them, and the storylines are hooking. 

3. American Horror Story - Not for the faint hearted, but amazing story lines. Basically, each season is a different storyline. Season 1 was Murder House, Season 2 was Asylum, Season 3 was Coven and we are currently on Season 4, Freak Show. Although the storylines are different each time, they mostly stick with the same cast: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Dennis O'Hare, Emma Roberts, etc. I have to say I loved Coven. It made me fall in love with Sarah Paulson's acting, and was just incredible.

4. Modern Family - This is more of a family show than the others, and I am hooked on the storylines and characters. Pretty sure nearly everyone has heard of the Pritchett family, but just go check it out. 

5. Miranda - This pains me to write this, because it has ended. I love this programme so frickin' much. Miranda Hart is one of my favourite comediennes, and I adore her a heck of a lot! On the last episode, I cried the last 10 minutes knowing it was going to be the end. If you are American and have never heard of Miranda, then please go check it out. It is very witty and silly humour but is none the less, outstanding. 

6. Mrs Browns Boys - Isn't this in everyones Top 10?! How can you not love Brendan O'Carrol? It is a marvellous programme, and I just can't get enough of it.

7. Gavin & Stacey - I know this has ended, but whenever I feel down, I just put on one of these episodes, and the hilarious characters can't help but make me feel happier. James Cordon and Ruth Jones, I salute you, and hope you come back together to write another comedy programme. 

8. Mock The Week / Never Mind The Buzzcocks - I know they are completely different things, but I love them both and didn't have room for them both. Both brilliant comedy programmes and I love them equally. 

9. Not Going Out - Lee Mack is a genius. I also love this programme because Miranda was in it, back in like the first series or two. Recently, they released the out-takes, and I nearly wet myself from laughing. I bl**dy love the programme!

10. Russell Howard's Good News / The Sarah Millican Programme - Two of my favourite comedians and I just love watching their shows. 

Have you got any suggestions for other TV programmes I should watch? Comment them down below!


My Top 5 Favourite Albums

1. Now That's What I Call Drive - This is my favourite album, at the moment, just because it has all my favourite songs from the minute and then also some old time classics. It's just one of those albums that everyone loves - by the way, it's great for long car journeys!

2. Paloma Faith-A Perfect Contradiction: Outsiders Edition - I adore Paloma Faith, she's one of those people I look up to! In November, I went with my friend to go see her live in Reading, and she was perfect. This album has all the songs from A Perfect Contradiction with a few extra songs. You should just go check her out, she's amazing.

3. Kodaline-In A Perfect World - Kodaline are a very talented band, and I love this album, a lot! Go check out Big Bad World, Talk, High Hopes and Love Like This, they will make you love them, I promise!

4. Steps-The Ultimate Collection - Steps and Abba were the two bands I listened to the most when I was younger. These songs also remind me of my grand-father and how when he takes me home, we usually listen to Steps the whole ride, him whistling, me singing! Steps are the best, end of story.

5. The 1975-The 1975 - 1975 are awesome. They are indie band, and they have great songs, and they are gradually becoming more popular! So jump on that band wagon and listen to just one of their songs, maybe Chocolate? Or Heart Out? 

I thought I would only choose 5 albums, as I wanted to also do my 5 Favourite Songs at the minute!

1. Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do - It may not be out yet, but I love listening to this song. Ellie Goulding is extremely talented and although the song may be for 50 Shades of Grey, it is still a fantastic song!

2. Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars-Uptown Funk - Period.

3. Fall Out Boy-Uma Therman - So catchy, I only heard it a couple days ago, but in love.

4. Sam Smith-Like I Can - Sam Smith is incredible talented, and I adore the way he sings this song! 

5. Imagine Dragons-I Bet My Life - Imagine Dragons are perfect, so is this song! 

Sorry guys, bit long, but hope this helped someone find some new things to look at! Tell me if you liked this, or if you don't want stuff like this again, open to suggestions. I'll talk to you soon!


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