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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

As you all should know by now, I have quite a few Birds of Prey, e.g. Owls, Falcons, Hawks, Kestrels. Although I love all the ones we have dearly, there have always been ones that I have wanted from day one.


Here's my Bird of Prey Wishlist.

1. This may sound weird but we have always wanted a Black Barn Owl!

Although he does look weird, I believe he is gorgeous! We have wanted one for ages, and we're still not sure whether to get one just because they are quite a lot of money! But you guys get what I mean?! Beautiful!

2. A Falconer's favourite at the minute a Goshawk!

Many of you might not find these beautiful, but I certainly do! To me Goshawks are beautiful agile creatures, and for the more experienced handler, which I don't believe I am just yet! But when I get to that point, I am definitely going to try and get one of these!

3. I have recently started following @Birdchaserbrys and fell in love with her Ferruginous Hawk. 

Adorable right?! I love the colours! First the colour of his back, which contrasts the white of his chest, like whoa! Also them steel eyes, just wow. Such a stunning bird, and I will get one someday! Hopefully soon! 

4. Aplomado Falcon - Need I say much more?!

My love for these falcons is unreal! Utterly beautiful, but so hard to find!!

5. Although I love the majestic Golden Eagle and stunning Bald Eagle, I have fallen head over heels with the Chilean Blue Eagle. 

This is adult plumage, however I kinda think the Juveniles look better, oops!

Can someone just buy me one please?! Gorgeous birds, and it's gunna be a while till I even properly consider getting one!!

6. Probably my final dream one: The Grey Grey Owl. 

I find these the most majestic owls, and the ones who look the most wise! They are absolutely gorgeous, and I have been after one for a good year! 

Just beyond gorgeous!

Comment below telling me what your favourite Birds of Prey are! I'd love to know what your favourites are! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

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Until next time guys! 



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