My 2015 Goals!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I cannot get over the fact that it's 2015! Can you?! 2014 went by so quickly, I finished school, had prom, left most of my good friends, lost quite a few people - basically to say it was an emotional roller coaster wouldn't even do it justice!

I thought to help me out, and make it more real for me, I would make a mind map which included all the things I wanted to achieve. This is a good idea, as it helps you be creative with your goals, and think of what could happen in 2015. 

As you can see I have many aspirations for this year! These are mostly habits, and then the goals that I really want to focus on this year. 

The main one I decided was to focus on the birds. The birds are my life, and I love them lots, and I thought as I didn't really do too much last year with them, I will aim to do a lot this year. I want to have them all manned down - which means that they are able to sit on the glove well, able to be touched, and are used to lots of different noises and new things. I want to have most of them flying, and if possible, going on to flying free. As I side note to the 'Birds' topic, I said I want to do more Weddings, Shows and Experiences. These things are my favourite things to do, it can be knackering, but it is nearly always worth it! There is normally always one person who can just brighten your day, and the birds help brighten theirs. 

Another main topic, is that I want to take more photos and start to film videos! Photography is a passion of mine, that I adore to do, so this year I want my Photography game to step up! Hopefully in doing so, my Instagram game with also step up! So check me out, follow me, and soon I should be mostly lots of pictures! @Konnieee16

Although they are not joined together in my mind map, Photography and the 'Spend more time outside' are linked. As I will be aiming to spend a lot more time outside, I want to take more pictures of the beautiful landscapes that I'm surrounded by! This topic is also linked to the Birds, as I normally like to spend my time outside with the birds, whether that's at shows, weddings, taking them on walks, or just chilling with them outside in the garden. This topic is also linked to 'Get tan' - another thing I failed at doing in 2014 (apart from maybe a little in Italy ;-) ). 

I think my biggest aspiration for 2015, is to get into shape/get fit! I have said this for a couple years now, but I really am going to try and hit it hard. I'm tired of being tired, I want to be out there and doing exercise. I really miss doing PE, I loved it, I loved netball, badminton, basketball, tennis, everything - except trampolining, but that's a long story! I think that this will be my year, and I will try my hardest to get fit, and stay it! 

There are some obvious ones on there like enjoying life more, spending more time with family and friends, save money, and trying to become more organised. I am also trying to do 'Tidy room - Tidy Mind', hopefully that should help to clear my head up, bit of a mess at the minute. I gave it a deep clean the other day and it is still clean, not sure how long that will last though! Another cliche thing is to try new things, and learn to do more things. I want to be able to ride my unicycle by the years up, I also want to learn how to play the guitar again, as I used to love it! But I feel like I am missing out on lots of things because of my fear of trying new things. I don't want my fears to hold me back anymore. I will overcome lots of things blocking my path, and still be standing strong at the end. 

Finally, this year I will be 17, and I hope to get my drivers license. I want to get it, and start to save up for a car. I cannot wait to drive, it will give me a lot of independence and help me get away from lots of things. 

I have to say drawing this mind map really helped me decide what my goals were, and I think at the start of the year everyone should do one! 

Anyway, if you do end up doing one, then you should send me a picture of it on twitter: @Bopandothers. Or comment your 2015 goals down below!

I will see you next time! 


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