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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Long time no see, eh? I've gotta say having a baby is hard work! Bear is lovely, but can be a hassle at points! Anyway, over the past couple of months, I have become rather obsessed with photography. Whether I'm taking pictures on my phone, taking them on my camera or watching photographers try to capture a moment, I am obsessed. 

To be honest, my phone has a pretty decent camera, I can take great pictures on it, which sometimes people mistake for being from my Samsung Galaxy Camera. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S4, and I have to say it is perfect for me. It is quick, and let's me take the pictures I want to take with the best quality. Here are a few examples: 

I am pretty proud of all these photos. There is a quite obvious trend consisting of the birds and sunsets, but they are my favourite things to photograph at the minute! If you have any tips, or any pictures you think I would like to see, just comment down below! Just remember guys, I'm just a beginner, I'm no pro!! Aha, anyway, I'll see you sometime later guys! 


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