Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September is a sad month for everyone. It means the shift between Summer and Autumn. It means the start of the academic year. It means the start of colder weather. It means that we start to lose our tans. September is a pretty bad month. 

I love and hate this change. Mostly hate. Cold weather, not my thing. Shorter daylight hours, not my thing. Start of TV shows however, definitely my thing. 

The summer means everything great to me. It means longer hours spent outside with my birds. We have warmer weather so I can keep my window open all throughout the night. I adore summer. But I hate that autumn always comes after. The birds start to go back down on moult. I can't always fly them due to horrible rainy and windy days. Manning becomes more difficult because I have to find a place inside. 

Although, this September, I have something to look forward to. I have several TV shows coming back. Mysteries of Laura, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Once Upon A Time, Bones, Madam Secretary, etc. I cannot freaking wait. It means the promise of new technology. For example, El Captain comes out the end of the month. iPhone 6S comes out on Friday. Technology excites me. It is my one true love. 

I know I'm a little late, it's the 22nd September. However, up until now, it hasn't felt like there has been a shift towards Autumn. This week has been a wash out, and I anticipate it will be for a long while. 

Let me know what things you like about Autumn. 


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