Sit Back Sunday!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. They are either packed out with stuff to do, or are lazy days. I love them both, because either way I get to spend the day with my birdies. 

On Sundays, we are either out at a show or weddings, or at home. Now, I adore doing weddings and shows, but it's so much more relaxing when you are at home. We get to just sit back and relax, let the birds have baths, fly them, take them out on walks. Sundays are 'Bird-Days'. 

Take today for example, I am sat outside with Bear on my arm, Scooby on the patio having a bath, and Remi (Our new Red Tailed Hawk, pictured below) on the grass just chilling.

Remi, my new 17 week old Red Tailed Hawk. He's absolutely stunning and I can't wait for him to start coming out with us!

Sundays are the days where you can do as you please. As it is the weekend, we normally get more a lay-in compared to during the week. Our lay-in is till a glorious 8am! Woo! 

Remi is not currently sleeping in the box, instead he is on his bow perch in our conservatory, so we know he is safe. This means he is the first one out in the mornings, so I usually spend about half an hour or so holding him outside. I am still manning him down, as he is parent reared, but the trust is slowly building. Sundays are no different, I like to hold my birds, and keep them used to being held, and make sure they are alright. This is part of why they are so well behaved. They are constantly out, being flown, or just held whilst I do random things. 

Sunday, in the UK, also means Roast Dinner. This is something my Mum has slowly started doing properly. Sunday Roast is something I hold dear, not just because of the good food ;-), but also all the memories. It's a great time for us all to just sit down and talk. We chat about everything: plans for the birds, our week, movies, TV programmes, everything. It's such a lovely time. 

What's your favourite thing to do on a Sunday? Do you sit and have a meal with your family? Do you spend time with your pets or family? Comment below, I would like some more ideas on other things I can do. 

Au revoir mes petits amours, 


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