September Favourites

Monday, September 28, 2015

*Checks diary* It's the 28th September? How has this month come and gone so fast!? 


With music, I am either very early to something, or incredibly late! 1989 has been out for nearly a year, and this is the first time I have listened to all the songs! I know, I know. I was deeply in love with Red, but when 1989 came out, I wasn't that interested. However, lately, I've been in the mood for TSwift and 1989 is amazing!


As I spoke about in my last blog post, Grey's Anatomy has come back off hiatus! WOO! So has How To Get Away With Murder, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, and there are more programmes coming back soon! Along with all these programmes, I've been watching Scandal (trying to catch up, so I can watch all the #TGIT shows) and Last Man Standing. 

Scandal features the beautifully talented Kerry Washington, and lots of old Grey's actors! Typically, I'm not usually one for shows about politics, but I found myself really drawn to this programme. Huck is my true love, and my favourite character, along with Quinn! I love them both! A great show that went into it's Fifth season last week!

Last Man Standing I came upon my accident. When I was on, I found this on the front page and wondered what it was, so decided to watch the pilot to see what it's all about! It features Tim Allen, Nancy Travis and Hector Elizondo. It's like a mixture of Modern Family and Mike & Molly? It has the comedy of Mike & Molly and the family 'banter' of Modern Family. 


Snapchat has been a favourite of mine lately, I love watching YouTubers, and my friends. I just really wish certain celebrities would get it! For example, Jessica Capshaw, Camilla Luddington, Sara Ramirez, Scott Foley, David Boreanaz, etc. This list could go on forever. 

Add me on Snapchat, I usually post either selfies or bird pictures ;-) 

My Snapchat is @Konnieee16!

I have recently been a little obsessed with Supercars of London and Capguntom

They're both completely different channels, but I'm a little in love with Fifa videos, and Tom is just brilliant. Also, Paul has been appeasing my love for cars! 


A month ago, we got a new bird. His name is Remi, and he is a Red Tailed Hawk. He is now my little buddy. We're still manning and still building trust, but he is gorgeous. He is the most stunning Hawk I have ever seen!

I love him more than words, even if he doesn't love me back yet! 


Tell me what your favourites were from this month! 


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