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Friday, September 25, 2015

Yesterday was the return of #TGIT. If you are unfamiliar with #TGIT, where have you been? I'm joking, #TGIT is the return of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. These three shows are shown one after the other on Thursday nights from 8pm ET onwards. All three of these shows were written by the famous Shonda Rhimes. Grey's Anatomy (GA) is returning for it's 12th season, Scandal for it's 5th and How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) for it's 2nd. 

If you have been reading this blog for a while, then you will know how big of a fan I am of Grey's Anatomy. This year is no exception, I could not wait for this season. GA is a medical drama, that is jam packed with everything. There has been a shooting, car crash, ferry crash, plane crash, affairs, weddings and just about everything in between. It's incredible, and this is due to amazing cast and crew. Without the crew, we wouldn't have such well made episodes every week. Without the cast, we wouldn't have such intricate and incredible characters that everyone can love and/or hate. I'm just in love with it. 

The first episode, 12x01, just happens to be Arizona Robbins' 150th episode which is an incredible achievement for Jessica Capshaw. Arizona is by far my favourite character, there is something just so brilliant about her, and she's so flipping cute! I just want to say - although Jessica won't ever see this - first: Well done, second: Thank you. Thank you for portraying a character that so many people love, and can relate to. Arizona Robbins is nothing without an amazingly crazy talented actress to portray her. So thank you Jessica, we all love you, and will support you, even though Calzona is no longer together :-(! 

Arizona Robbins is amazing and quite a 'Legend'. #hairgoals


 If you have watched it yet, skip down now. Now. Now. 

I adored the episode. I think it was the perfect way to start the season. I was crying within 10 minutes, which at 1am in the morning is not fun! It was such a touching and yet light episode that it really hit me hard. Season 12 is meant to be 'lighter' and be similar to the first season, and if that episode was anything to go by, I cannot wait. Can we talk about Sara Ramirez's acting?! It was amazing, she is such a wonderful actress and can portray so many emotions with just her eyes. She's incredible, and I love how she dealt with everything. Also #MaggieFierce, woo! I think I fell for Maggie a lot more this episode. I know many are annoyed because it seems like she's 'replacing' Lexie. Personally, I don't think they are, and I feel like there are lots of things we will learn about Maggie, that will (hopefully) make people re-think their opinions on her. One of the things I hated though, was how they so casually mentioned that Calzona (Callie and Arizona) have sold their house! It was just dropped quickly and briefly, and then we learnt that Arizona has to find a new roommate? Eurgh. The new intern though ;-). 

The episode was perfect, in my opinion. It was thought provoking, yet had that light humour to it that is totally Greys. It was weird not seeing Patrick Dempsey, but the episode wasn't really focused that much around Meredith, so it doesn't feel like that much of a loss. Obviously it is, it's McDreamy, but I'm just happy that Patrick is now doing what he loves full time. 


I've only just started to watch Scandal, so I didn't watch the new episode. I'm only on Season 4, and it is awesome, so I expect Season 5 will also be pretty incredible. 

However, I have watched and loved HTGAWM. I wasn't expecting much of the programme tbh, I mean there are so many lawyer programmes. This was just another one, I thought. Turns out, much, much better than I expected. Viola Davis is insanely talented, and is well deserving of that Emmy she won this week. (If you haven't watched the speech she gave for winning, then you need to go watch it. She is the first African-American Woman to ever receive an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series). I was hooked to this programme instantly. A big event happened in the first episode, which was solved in the last episode. This is something I found incredibly furiating, however I loved it. There was never a boring moment, and with the cliff-hanger on the final episode, I couldn't wait for Season 2 to start. 


There were several moments throughout the episode that I was gob smacked at. First, the killer. Definitely did not expect that. I didn't even consider them. Second was Annalise and Eve! Like what? Where did that all come from! Third and finally, the cliff hanger! WHAT!? It took me a while to realise who it was, but when it did, I was in a state of shock. What is going to be happening this season! It seems like mayhem. Annalise Keating is badass, and I kinda want to be her. It was an awesome episode, and I cannot wait to see what everything meant! There are so many freaking loose ends, and I need to know everything!! 


#TGIT is an incredible thing to participate in, all the actor and actresses support each other. Most live tweet, some Periscope, they also all love all the other #TGIT programmes, something I love. The fandoms all had a great time yesterday, and it was incredible to see everyones different opinions about everything happening. I'm so happy hiatus is over. 

Do you watch these programmes? If not, what do you watch? 


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