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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As you may have already guessed, I cannot live without music. Every week, I try to find new artists to listen to, or trying new genres. Here are my favourites from this week!

1. Hi, Hey There, Hello - The Mowglis

So this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone! The Mowgli's are one of my favourite artists. This just happens to be one of my favourite songs of theirs.

2. Downtown - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I've been a big lover of Macklemore for ages! I loved his first album, and when I saw that he had released a new song, I was straight on it. At first, I was a little disappointed, the songs about mopeds?! What? Macklemore, have you lost interest? However, then I kept singing it, either the chorus or part of the rap, and I found I was addicted. It's such a catchy little song, that I am head over heels in love with. The other thing I love about this song, is that the guy singing the chorus and hook, sounds very much like Michael Jackson at points. 

3. Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

I really like Taylor Swift, however until this week, I haven't gotten round to listening to 1989. I know, I know. I'm no Swiftie. This song though, made me fall more in love with TSwift. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate Scott Eastwood, phwoaar. Sex on legs. 

4. I Really Want It - A Great Big World

I happened to come across this song whilst listening to a playlist on Spotify. It's now the only song I like from that playlist! It's so freaking catchy, and I will constantly be found singing it at random times! 

5. What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber

Back in 2009, I was a Justin Bieber fanatic! I watched all his videos, I would go crazy, I knew all the lyrics. Everything. Then listening to him became uncool, so I started to discover other types of music. Until now. His voice now is a lot huskier, and his style has changed. It's also one of the most catchy songs I have ever heard. Have to admit though, I heard Cimorelli's cover, before I heard the original :-/! I do like it though, however, I hate his new hair. Why Justin, why?

6. RIP 2 My Youth - The Neighbourhood

I ADORE THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. They are like an Indie/Punk Band. This song instantly caught my attention. I love all their other songs, and this - in my opinion - just tops them all! 

7. WILD - Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a very talented young man. His previous EP, I found exceptional. I loved all 4 songs, and I have found I am in the exact same position with this new EP. Like with his previous one, I have found one song that I will play more than the rest. The previous was Touch. This one, WILD. It's a catchy Indie/Pop song. Will admit though, I haven't watched the video, oops!

8. Jackie and Wilson - Hozier

I've had Hozier's album for a while now, and have unfortunately never given it the time of day. I only listened to the main songs that I liked: Take Me To Church, From Eden, Someone New, Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene, Work Song, Foreigner's God and Cherry Wine. However, when out on a walk, I decided to just listen to his album. This song came on, and I couldn't stop replaying it. His voice, the lyrics, the melody. Everything, is exactly my taste. It's perfect. 

9. One Call Away - Charlie Puth

This isn't typically my taste. However, I have found that I am little, tiny amount in love with this song. It's addictive, and so freaking catchy. And yeah, good song by a great artist. 

10. Summer 2015 - L.E.J

My friend shared this video on FaceBook, and it's awesome. The remix of all the songs is seamless, and although one of them is French, it's a perfect blend of the top songs from Summer 2015. The celloist, is extremely talented, as are the singers. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. I can't get enough!

If you have any recommendations for songs, please comment them below, I'm always looking for new songs and artists. 

Au revoir mes amis, 


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