A-Z of Birds of Prey

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Many people don't know much about Birds of Prey. They know the obvious ones, but don't know of the more rare, but gorgeous looking birds! Also, there are the select few who believe that 'Birds of Prey' doesn't involve Owls, fortunately I am not one of them, so this list will involve owls.

A - Aplomado Falcon

B - Barn Owl

Bear - My gorgeous Barn Owl - at Hampton Court Castle!
C - Common Buzzard

D - Dusky Eagle Owl (Had to look this one up!)

E - European Eagle Owl

Koby, our 3 year old European Eagle Owl
F - Ferruginous Pygmy Owl

G - Galapagos Hawk

H - Harris Hawk

I - Indian Scops Owl

J - Javan Owlet

K - Kestrel

Lola, our 5 year old European Kestrel
L - Lammergeier 

M - Martial Eagle

N - Northern White Faced Scops Owl

O - Osprey

P - Phillipine Eagle

Q - Don't think there is one! :-/

R - Ruppells Vulture

S - Snowy Owl 

My stunning Snowy Owl, Scooby.
T - Taliabu Masked Owl 

U - Ural Owl

V - Vermiculated Eagle Owl

W - Wedge Tailed Eagle

X - None.

Y - Yungas Pygmy Owl

Z - None. 

I tried to pop in as many different ones as I could, and unfortunately couldn't find any for a certain few. 

Au revoir mes petits amours,


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